Collaborating Civilly: Horizontal Construction with Autodesk Collaboration for Civil 3D

One of the biggest advancements in the construction industry, especially in horizontal infrastructure design and construction, is the ability to seamlessly collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

For the longest time, collaboration between field crews (data capture), civil design, architect, and contractor has been a very cumbersome and frustrating process. It typically consists of a lot of finger-pointing between disciplines and frustration amongst managers and owners, especially when projects reach the construction stages.

Architects and vertical contractors, however, have really embraced the collaborative environment and set the bar high. With the evolution of the cloud collaboration tools from Autodesk, like BIM Collaborate tools, the door has been opened for horizontal construction to adopt the same platform and take collaboration to the next level.

As we see more and more people working away from the office, clean collaboration on a single platform has never been more important. So, what are some of the pain points we see today in our work environments?

  • Companies need more flexibility for remote work now more than ever, using the design tools they know and love (Revit, Civil 3D, Plant 3D).
  • Companies need fewer disconnected/nonintegrated apps and more streamlined data and workflow.
  • Not all decision makers need to have authoring tools (Revit, Civil 3D, Plant 3D). They need to be able to manage design review and get input from important project contributors when it matters most, not when it’s too late!

The ability to seamlessly co-author in real time, from anywhere, in an environment tailored to the Civil 3D workflow allows collaboration for Civil 3D to address these pain points via BIM Collaborate Pro.

Software for the Whole Team

BIM Collaborate Pro is ideal for teams that use more than one design authoring tool. Even if one team doesn't use workflows requiring a common date environment or more than one design tool, the extended project teams will. Being a part of digital project delivery means needing the ability to review and access files, comment, co-author, or carry out change orders.

BIM Collaborate Pro enables infrastructure design professionals and extended project team stakeholders, whether within one firm or across multiple firms, to collaborate securely and store data on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform for A/E/C projects.

These products include these key features for Civil 3D users:

  • Autodesk Docs, the foundation of the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. Even as a cloud-based, single source of truth data management platform, it connects easily to desktop environments with the Desktop Connector sync tool.
  • The Design Collaboration Module, giving customers a high degree of control over how (and with whom) their project data is shared, as well as the unique ability to see all changes from version to version.
  • The Model Coordination Module, providing automated 3D clash detection capabilities and integrated coordination issue management tools.
  • Cloud viewing, markup, and issue-tracking tools allow stakeholders outside of the design software to stay up-to-date and provide feedback.

Connecting project teams across disciplines and design tools on a single platform throughout the life of the project will reduce rework, improve communication, and drive better outcomes at a faster pace.

Can this New Way Address Concerns?

For better access for project stakeholders, regardless of location or role, BIM Collaborate Pro allows users to:

  • Extend collaboration to project teams in any location, while centralizing efforts of distributed teams.
  • Better allocate resources so the best team members with the most relevant skill sets to each project can be assigned—regardless of location.

For security, BIM Collaborate Pro provides considerable flexibility in controlling who has access to design data by:

  • Restricting user access to certain folders with six available project-wide and folder-specific permission levels.
  • Limiting access according to user, role, or company.
  • Controlling work-sharing and design-deliverable exchange with the assurance that the right information is in the right hands throughout the project.

For accountability and ensuring that everyone involved on the project is competing their tasks in a timely manner, BIM Collaborate Pro’s issue tracking and management tools allows for users to:

  • Put context around issue resolution with the ability to pin an issue to any 2D or 3D design location.
  • Collaborate with comment threads, add photos, assign work and track resolution through inspection.
  • Add private or shared markups.
  • Create review workflows and track documents through the review process.
  • Send transmittals directly from the BIM 360 environment.

A single source of truth is key to connected workflows. From design to construction, Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform connects project teams with a suite of products—all working from centralized project data. With BIM Collaborate Pro extending its tools to Autodesk Civil 3D, horizontal infrastructure collaboration can operate with a much smoother workflow.

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