Sponsor Spotlight: Certification Process Builds Reliability into HP Z Workstations

To succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, your systems must deliver the reliability, stability, and performance to power your design work. And it’s not just a matter of using workstations that deliver blazing-fast processor speeds. It also means running stable applications on your workstations that deliver the peak performance you need.

That’s why every member of the HP Z Workstation family of products is tested and certified to work with the full range of Autodesk® applications, including AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk® 3dsMax® and Autodesk® Maya®.

As part of its strict application certification process, members of HP’s engineering team work with Autodesk to perform in-depth quality testing and performance measurements, facilitate or perform the certification testing, track the status of the certification efforts, and publish the certified configurations on the HP website.

This testing is very thorough and checks many different application functions to make sure they run on HP Z workstations using professional graphic cards with specific graphic card drivers. This testing helps ensure that when new cards, drivers, or other changes are made, problems can be detected and fixed long before the product is made available to customers.

HP certification status can be found on the HP Workstation web pages or by using HP’s Performance Advisor software.

In addition, Autodesk has standardized on HP workstations and uses them to develop and test its applications, including its keystone products.

The end result? You can be assured that you receive the best possible experience from your chosen Autodesk applications on HP Z Workstations.

Learn more about the ISV certification program, including the certification status of various products. And find out about the relationship between HP and Autodesk by accessing the HP/Autodesk website.

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