Board Drafting Poll

Thank you to the over 450 members who took part in this month's homepage poll!
You can find some basic demographic information about our members' age, experience and education in the September issue of AUGIWORLD magazine, but, if you've ever spoken to other designers about experience and education, the topic of hand-drafting is always sure to spark some memories and conversations.

So, 7% of the respondents have never drafted by hand, but, 8% still practice this skill.
Personally, I fall into the 33% group, who have learned in school but not put into professional application. A further 52% have performed board drafting during their career.

Are people who learned on paper without an undo button better prepared for the planning necessary to lay out a clean, easy to read drawing, more so than the digital-only crowd?
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Of course, I will end with reminding you all about the annual augi survey, which will run in July and August.
Prior to that, We are currently running a homepage poll asking users what their official job title is.
We know everyone wears many hats, but, HR pays you based on your job title, so, please share what that is! And, as usual, you can look to next month's issue of HotNews for an overview of your results.

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