AUGI Presents Wish List 2011 to Autodesk

During the AUGI Annual Meeting at AU 2011, David Harrington presented the AUGI Wish Lists to Autodesk.

This was the culmination of an ongoing process of gathering your wishes, allowing you to rank them, and then voting on the final 30 or so per product.  Your votes were tallied and the top ten were presented to Autodesk.  The rest are available for them to review also. 

Here are the Top Ten Lists.

2011 AutoCAD Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Layer Merge in Layer Property Manager The ability to use the layer merge command in the layer property manager. Douglas Broad
2 Smart Renumbering Tool The ability to number and renumber objects, such as parking lot spaces, with an option to automatically renumber if a number is changed, deleted, etc. Ali ElMetainy
3 Automatically reload changed xrefs The ability to automatically reload changed xrefs Shaun Puzio
4 Rename Anonymous Blocks The ability to rename anonymous blocks Felix jr Cadenas
5 Automatic Wipeout for Blocks The ability to automatically create and turn on/off a wipeout outlines for blocks. Brad Sanada
6 Reference Manager to Change Folder Path Types Reference manager to allow conversion from full paths to relative paths and relative paths to full paths. Charles Prettyman
7 Attributes to Control Dynamic Block Actions The ability to have an attribute in a dynamic block control a parameter associated with that dynamic block. Benjamin Weir
8 Automatic Layer Control The ability to apply a specific layer to a specific object type. Colleen klein
9 UNDO and REDO to not affect all commands The ability to select which commands UNDO and REDO affect; giving the user the option to have things like OSNAP setting remain unchanged when using UNDO and REDO. Don Foltz
10 Tool Palette Update For the tool palette to update when the folder is updated. Justin Vandermeer

2011 AutoCAD Civil 3D Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Pressure Piping System I would like AutoCAD Civil 3D to have Piping features for Water distribution design. Not gravity flow piping but piping under pressure. John Lizardi
2 Access C3D Object Data in Fields Access C3D object data in AutoCAD Fields, such as, parcel area, alignment length or point elevation. John Mayo
3 Wye Structure in Pipe Network Add a wye structure to pipe networks. Nathan Brimer
4 Parts Builder Wizard I wish I could add connection points and or penetrations to structures created in parts builder on the fly. These connection points and or penetrations should have the ability to be added on the fly and relocated if need be. This allows connections at the wall and elevation, giving the ability of true inside drop structure design and pump station design. 2.) Also the ability to rotate the cone section of the model part upon insertion or after the fact when field verified without changing connection point locations. Allen Closson
5 Profile Linetype Generation Static, as well as dynamic, profiles should honor the PLINEGEN setting. Daniel Chapek
6 Snap to databands Snap to all Civil 3D objects. (Moderator note: I made it a little broader.) Julie Fischer
7 Vertical Curves in Feature Lines Feature lines should support vertical curves. James Maeding
8 Relocate profile leader labels to the top or bottom of structure. Relocate structure label arrows to the top, middle, or bottom of the structure. (Moderator note: This functionality already exists, but it is very cumbersome. Perhaps the wish should be that this functionality was much easier to accomplish.) Mike Swanson
9 Assemblies applied to Feature Lines I would like to be able to apply an assembly to a feature line without having to first make an alignment, then a profile, from the feature line. Evon Waters
10 Pipe Network Table Control On pipe network tables, to have the ability to order the pipes by name and not by the order in which they were created (or an unknown order). Greg Perry

2011 Inventor Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Show what components are adapted to When a part or an assembly is adaptive, it is often difficult to know what it is adapting to. There is a need to be able to identify what is controlling a component's adaptivity to make it easier to understand the design intent and make it easier to modify the adaptive components. Ken Rose
2 Frame Generator Part File Creation Identical parts should be reused; currently a separate part file is created for every frame member. Craig Mussulman
3 Better Interoperability With Other 3D Modelling Software Make it easier to open solid models from other vendors by providing better interoperability with them. Todd Rathier
4 Ability to Open File with Missing References Recovery tools to be able to open files that have bad or missing links. Duncan Anderson
5 Allow Insertion of JPGs and BMPs into Title Blcks Be able to insert JPGs & BMPs into title blocks, such as company logos. Stuart Riley
6 Intelligent Drawing Views Have intelligent drawing views that would know the limits of the drawing sheets and adjust the scale automatically. Sridharan Varadarajan
7 Reference Parts Icons in Browser Parts marked reference would have a different icon in the browser. Kirk Arthur
8 Unfold Curved 3D Surfaces to a Flat Pattern Have the ability to unfold a curved 3D surface to a flat pattern. Wayne Hebert
9 Coinciding LOD with the BOM Have the BOM match only what is in the LOD or Design view. Daniel Butler
10 Slider Bar to Control Driven Constraints Have a slider bar to control driven constraints instead of hitting the forward/reverse buttons. Mike Hilvers

2011 Revit Architecture Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Improved text editing Add text editing similar to AutoCAD's capabilities. Thomas Cannistra
2 More Stair options More landing options and rail returns and clean ups. Revit God
3 Depth effect on line weights for sections/elevations Revit needs a method to create depth effects in sections/elevations -- more automatic than the Override Elements tool provided in RAC 2008. Bret Thompson
4 I wish Revit supported active links to Microsoft Excel and Word, and Adobe PDF. I wish Revit supported active links to Microsoft Excel and Word, and Adobe PDF. Rob Ekstrom
5 More control of railings More control on the sloping of railings, for example by associating railings to: - in place families - slabs with edited points - walls top profiles Stefano Sani
6 Graphical Fill Pattern editor Allow creation of complex fill patterns in Revit and allow rescaling of imported hatches without needing to reload the pattern file. Bret Thompson
7 Fix an error message problem The ability to "fix" an error message problem. Thomas Whisker
8 Ability to use totals/subtotals from schedules as formula fields in calculated values We need a method to take a total or subtotal value from a schedule in Revit and use it as a parameter in other schedules (often to create other calculated value parameters). Nancy McClure
9 Batch pdf’s with automatic file naming. When printing multiple pdf's it allows you the option to automatically name and uses the label, drawing number, drawing name, and the current revision number to create the name. This then can go through the whole job without needing to enter names in for every sheet. Mark Abrahams
10 We want all wall properties avaible in the schedule tables See all wall geometry in schedule tables Morten Jacobsen

2011 Revit MEP Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Revit needs a more powerful text editor Add better functionality to the text editing capabilities, similar to Microsoft Word or even AutoCAD. Eric Eakin
2 Piping Schematic View Create a new feature to port piping systems and components to a smart piping schematic view. Wim Tas
3 Improved duct calculations Make duct calculations more transparent. Make duct sizing more helpful rather than confusing. Jeremy Rapoza
4 Electrical One-Line Schematic View Create a new feature to port electrical circuits and components to a smart electrical one-line view. Wim Tas
5 Loop arrowhead Add a "loop" style arrowhead to leaders. Used for plumbing and single line schematics. Rebecca Fischer
6 Add multiple shared parameters at once Create a utility to add multiple shared parameters at once. Also add the ability to pre-set which parameter group shared parameters will go into. Jason Seck
7 Better Warning Explanations Improve the warning and debug messages to be more helpful, specifically when it comes to V/G issues. Jeremiah Robker
8 Element too small Remove the "element too small" error when you try to draw a small annotation line or move something a small distance. Andrew Rossi
9 Visibility/Graphics Improvements Add additional features to the Visibility/Graphics overrides that help with the analysis and representation of MEP systems. Mark Liveringhouse
10 Control Family Category Implement a family category be created for HVAC controls. This category could include thermostats, sensors, and low voltage control panels. Robert Vogt

2011 Revit Structure Wish List Vote

Rank Title Description Author Name
1 Advanced Text Editor The ability for the text editor to have: 1. A ruler to drive indents 2. Bulleted list with multiple indents 3. Stacked fractions 4. Super and subscripts 5. Direct access to symbols 6. Different height text in one text object Peter Davies
2 Curved Reference Planes Enable a means to to create a curved reference plane. Luan Krige
3 Free Tag Rotation Allow Tags to be freely rotated at a desired angle. At present the user can only rotate the tags just horizontal or vertical. Silleke Suarez
4 The GCS needs a major overhaul so it could be usable. The ability to customize the schedule. Jerry Pascucci
5 Structural Column Cut Priority Structural columns should cut every other item they are joined with. They already cut beams; they should do so with walls and floors as well. Radu Grosu
6 Slanted Walls The ability to create a wall with an angle similar to how slanted columns are drawn. Silleke Suarez
7 In-line View Reference Enable the ability to embed in-line in a text string a dynamic string such as a view reference. For example, REFER TO 10/S302. The detail number and sheet number would live and reference a view in the project browser. David Harrington
8 Framing Member Disallow Provide a "disallow join" option for framing members. This will allow them to be infinitely controlled as needed. Tony Wagner
9 Create foundation footings that are not associated with structure above The ability to use the foundation/footings function to create footings that are not associated with a wall. Matthew Cranley
10 Stretch Command Introduce a stretch command, similar to AutoCAD. Aligning and locking works but is time consuming. A stretch command that can affect lines and line based detail components would save time while drafting. Sam Van den Wijngaert