Accelerate Your Time To Deliverable with BricsCAD V24

In mid-October, Bricsys®, a part of Hexagon AB, released their latest version of BricsCAD® V24 during their annual Bricsys product launch. This epic livestream event provided an update on the latest and greatest innovations including enhancements to the UI/UX, a host of new features, as well as workflow advancements for mechanical, BIM, civil & survey sectors.

Jan Syssauw, Vice President of Product Development, led the way by stating BricsCAD V24 is “professional CAD software without compromise”, allowing users to “accelerate your time to deliverable without compromising on performance, cost, licensing flexibility, and data security.

While that might seem like a hearty statement, over the next two hours, the BricsCAD Product Owners and team demonstrated exactly how and why BricsCAD can state their claim. So, let’s see how BricsCAD V24 can finish your design tasks quickly.

What is BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a modern, familiar, easy-to-adopt, 2D/3D CAD system with innovative features and workflows that provide a highly compatible user experience. With familiar command structures, dwg compatibility, as well as familiarity with tools and workflows, it is easy to learn BricsCAD and master it too.

One Goal: Accelerate the Design Process

BricsCAD is driven to be the leader in drawing fidelity, compatibility, and drawing health management. BricsCAD wants to accelerate and automate the re-use of existing data and importing data design. BricsCAD is focused on removing the friction from the detailed design process, enabling designers and teams to access, view, and mark up CAD data from anywhere/anytime from any device, which in the end, greatly assists the speed at which the accurate 2D documentation is created. So how can that be accomplished?

For one, the modernized BricsCAD IU/UX provides a simple and accessible toolset for all users. New features and enhancements include:

  • QuickCalc: Fast, accurate math calculations directly inside BricsCAD.
  • Sheet Set Manager: New Panel, new Drawing View Manager, and multi-user access.
  • Ribbon: Now QT-based, with search, a better layout and command presentation, and tool size control. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1

BricsCAD V24 continues to deliver a familiar and compatible CAD experience to help users get comfortable and productive in one day by further enhancing the user experience. New features and enhancements include:

  • QDIM: Simple but powerful quick dimension entry placement.
  • Print to Raster: Additional output formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF) and better WMF file output quality (x64).
  • Drawing Views: Better performance when generating drawing views/layouts from 3D models.
  • SmartCell Copy: Easy creation and editing of table formulas and data.

Bricsys is building innovative ways to accelerate your time to deliverable through BricsCAD’s AI-based features, including:

  • Sketch-based Features: Better naming of SBF’s, profile modifications with constraint retention.
  • BlockConvert: More consistent performance and conversion of Dynamic Blocks.
  • AI Assist: Delivers better command suggestions from all user inputs.
  • DWGHEALTH: Easier to use with new cleanup routine creation tools and “Overkill” integration.
  • COPYGUIDED: Smart copying of constraints for source and detail entities.

Civil/Survey Workflows in BricsCAD® Pro

Quick fact: Did you know there are more than fifteen Civil/Survey Partner applications that perform in tandem with BricsCAD? Our Civil/Survey partner applications provide the specific, high-end, engineering, and surveying tools that are needed by the industry. Rick Ellis, Product Owner of BricsCAD Civil/Survey Toolkit, also walked us through the incredible advancements made to our civil/survey platform. Highlights include:

  • GIS Workflows: Leverage existing GIS data for background information or edit and create GIS data to deliver to a GIS system. Filter, add, edit, and delete GIS attribute data.
  • TIN Surface Definition for Contour Data & UI Improvements.
  • Weeding and Supplementing Factors: Optimizes break line data to skip vertices and sample additional data when needed (See Figure 2)
  • Enhanced Grading: Create “sharp corners” on grading objects, not just radial corners.
  • Label Style UI improvements: Added new UI elements and dialog/command panels.
  • Transparent Commands: Allows users to draw linework and data with legal terms. (Bearing/Distance, Azimuth/Distance, Station/Offest, point number, and point object).

Figure 2


Senior Product Manager, Melissa Rivera, and the team identified some key challenges that small to medium-sized general contractors and subcontractors face day to day. How can BricsCAD assist with accurate building modeling without complexity, removing friction when collaborating, and saving time by automation when going from scan to BIM?

  • BricsCAD’s redesigned 3D modeling tools will help users easily generate 3D models and speed up their BIM coordination, QTO, and planning process.
  • The benefit of using BricsCAD’s OpenBIM approach is that it allows you to easily collaborate on multiple platforms of your choice. Export to IFC or RVT. Once you have created your BIM Model, we will support you in your process by removing any compatibility issues and friction.
  • Using automatic room detection and room fitting, the user will be able to increase productivity by at least 3x when having to model a 3D building from a scan. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

BricsCAD® Mechanical

Cliff Brown, Executive Product Manager of BricsCAD® Mechanical gave us a rundown of why BricsCAD Mechanical is the fastest path to complete and accurate production materials. From a full suite of symbols and annotations to power dimensioning and workflow compatibility with part references and parts lists, BricsCAD Mechanical has more of the design and drafting tools that you have requested, closing the key 2D design and drafting functionality gaps. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4

Another key highlight demonstrated was how BricsCAD is providing non-3D experts access to the benefits of 3D in their design and production material creation workflow. Additionally, create 2D instruction manuals from 3D assemblies, use existing 3D models to optimize designs for manufacturing and assembly, and go from scans to 3D models to complete and accurate 2D production drawings, further demonstrating that BricsCAD provides unparalleled value with a 2D/3D CAD solution.

Let BricsCAD Assist

As you can tell, BricsCAD continues to develop CAD software with the users in mind. How can BricsCAD assist you in getting your design tasks completed faster? What impact would that have on your business and profitability? A fundamental component of our strategy is to help our customers reduce the time required to complete a task or produce a final deliverable. (See Figure 5) We accomplish this by providing innovative product capabilities that optimize existing design processes or generate new streamlined workflows.

Figure 5

We provide several licensing options, including perpetual, subscription, and network, making it easy for customers to find a solution that fits their business needs or situation. Many companies choose BricsCAD over other CAD platforms because it provides technology compatibility that makes it significantly easier to move between 2D and 3D. For companies only using 2D today or doing a small amount of 3D work, having the ability to transition to 3D on a single platform they are already familiar with and remain with their existing file format helps minimize the impact of the transition. Finally, BricsCAD offers unparalleled value by delivering professional 2D and 3D CAD capabilities at a price point as much as 50% less than other competitors.

More About BricsCAD®

Bricsys® BricsCAD® is professional CAD software without compromise. Accelerate your time to deliverable without compromising on performance, cost, licensing flexibility, and data security. Not ready to buy? Download the free, 30-day trial of BricsCAD® at Would you like free lessons? We have that available with Bricsys Learning. Ready to migrate to BricsCAD®? Download the Migration Guide. The latest version of BricsCAD® improves the tools and features users love, as well as new functionality and UI that supercharge productivity. Follow us today on LinkedIn or Youtube.

More About Bricsys®

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