Abundant Training Resources for InfraWorks

For the last 19 years, I have worked in the civil engineering field performing different tasks from surveying to site civil design. Throughout those years, I used several different design software products—from AutoCAD® R12 to Land Desktop—and now AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and InfraWorks® 360. To perform the tasks given to me I had to take advantage of any training available for each design software. Finding the training method that best fit my needs was something I learned over time.

Twenty years ago, there were limited options for training. Most training was hands-on and a few books. Fast forward to the present day, we face an overwhelming amount of training resources including eLearning, blogs, handouts, CAD boot camps, YouTube, customized in-person training, and much more. Though all these are great and unique in their own way, the ability to learn a design software such as InfraWorks 360 is really up to the users and their learning method.

As a CAD manager I have provided hands-on and online training to numerous civil technicians, architects, surveyors, EITS, and engineers. The #1 item I stressed to everyone is that the software is only as good as the user. Users who don’t understand the software will struggle with the software and won’t get the end results they want. In turn, they may get discouraged and also feel that software does not perform efficiently.  To remedy this situation, I try to discover which learning methods best works for each individual user.

What I have learned from my experiences is that there are four different types of learning methods: video presentation, repetition, reading material, and live one-on-one training. In this article, you will learn how to access free video training and also training material.

Video Presentations

One way users can learn how to use InfraWorks 360 is through video presentations. Today, users can easily go online and find several online training companies such as, CAD-1, Global eTraining, Ascent, and more.

Though there are many available training resources, most are not free. But fear not—Autodesk provides an online training video library resource directly accessible from the InfraWorks 360 Help menu.

While in InfraWorks 360, simply click the help menu icon at the top right corner of the user interface. You are provided with several options for helpful resources such as Online Help, Getting Started, Tutorials, and much more. To access pre-recorded training videos, simply click the Tutorial option. This will send you to the online Autodesk InfraWorks 360 2017 site where you can watch videos ranging from the basics to design concepts, collaboration, and communication.

Another great source for video training is the Getting Started option from the Help menu. Getting Started provides a vast video library of InfraWorks 360 material. For example, when you select the InfraWorks 360 Roadway Design Tutorials, you are provided videos for Road Enhancements, Optimization, Intersections and roundabouts, and much more.

Another great video source for InfraWorks 360 training is the Autodesk InfraWorks 360 YouTube channel, which provides access to various design topics and pre-recorded webcasts hosted by Autodesk. Because YouTube is also a mobile app, it has become a quick and easy way to access Autodesk training videos.

Video training has become just another great way for users to learn various Autodesk design software such as InfraWorks 360.

Reading Material

Training books have been around for many years and were one of the most popular ways to learn and train. I remember for years purchasing books on everything from Autodesk Land Desktop to AutoCAD Civil 3D. Having direct access to training books and handouts was always great and convenient. Now, we have even more access to reading material for various design software online and via mobile devices

Autodesk University and AUGI are the two best places to browse through hundreds of customized training for numerous design software. Autodesk University online classes are a great source for both beginners and advanced users seeking training material.  Autodesk University contains a vast library of videos and handouts that users can access for free. Each class can vary from a specific subject to a general overview of InfraWorks 360.

AUGI has become another great source for finding training material and helpful articles over various Autodesk design software. The AUGIWorld magazine you are reading and other resources provide users with helpful tips & tricks and also design methods when working with InfraWorks 360 and other design software.

The InfraWorks 360 Community is just another great online source for training, giving users answers and helpful tips for using InfraWorks 360. The InfraWorks Community provides access to the InfraWorks 360 forums where you can post questions on a specific task or design tools when using InfraWorks 360. The InfraWorks 360 Ideastation is the best place to submit ideas to the Autodesk development team on how they can make the software more efficient and user friendly. The InfraWorks 360 InfraTips is  a great source for finding advance tips and tricks on various InfraWorks tasks.

Finally, the InfraWorks Online Help is among the best places to get step-by-step training and procedures when using InfraWorks 360 for the first time or using a few of the advance design tools. InfraWorks 360 online provides in-depth material on design tools and understanding InfraWorks 360.

To advance in today’s workforce, training is crucial. With the help of Autodesk and others, users can easily access free online training material and videos in order to become more proficient and productive with InfraWorks 360.  

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