ADN Membership Offer

AUGI Professional Members (Annual subscription) now  have an opportunity to become ADN Members for a discounted price of $150 per year.  Autodesk ADN Membership is a $1,400 (US) value and might now be yours for only $150 if you are a Professional AUGI Member with an Annual subscription and Autodesk approved application.  The AUGI ADN Membership offer is only for individuals and also not available for existing Autodesk ADN members.

ADN is the Autodesk Developer Network. It was created for software developers seeking proven tools and technologies to extend Autodesk products and technologies to produce superior design, geospatial, and media & entertainment software solutions.

ADN is focused on professional software developers starting to work with Autodesk Platform Technologies that need access to Autodesk desktop software and one on one direct support for software development based on virtually all Autodesk desktop, web browser and mobile device technologies. It also includes access to Autodesk confidential information on technology futures, beta software and basic Sales and Marketing benefits.

Autodesk Developer Network

Some of the benefits included in the AutodeskADN Membership for Individuals are:

API Training: All levels of ADN membership offer free webcasts, etc.

Development Software: By joining AUGI as an Annual Professional member you are eligible for a free individual ADN membership which includes access to all Autodesk desktop software with APIs on an ongoing basis. Important: software obtain under the ADN program is strictly for development purpose and not for production work.

AUGI's ADN Offer Guidelines:

The AUGI ADN offer is for AUGI Annual Professional Members who are not limited by ADN guidelines on geographic location.  All AUGI Annual Professional members may request Autodesk ADN Membership for Individuals via AUGI at the email below.

The AUGI ADN offer is for new individual Autodesk ADN members only.   Current or most recent year paid ADN members are not eligible.  Current ADN individuals that are under a paid Company ADN Membership are not eligible.  This means that if your name is attached to a current or expiring ADN subscription, you cannot take advantage of the DISCOUNTED AUGI ADN membership at any time during this year.

Current AUGI Professional members that have already joined AUGI at the Annual Professional level (monthly membership excluded) )will also be able to participate in this offer with the same restrictions.  Current Basic or Student members can Upgrade to Professional to participate also at any time during this year.

The ADN Membership is for individuals and is annualized.  The ADN Membership will start on or after January 1 and terminates on Dec. 31.

What ADN is NOT:  For those unfamiliar with ADN, AUGI would like to clarify the purpose and focus of this offer:

  • It is not a general training program for the software you own.
  • It is not a way to get free software for commercial use.  Software tools are for development purpose and not for production work.
  • It is not a problem solving or technical support tool.  Services provided by ADN are not focused on assisting you with software troubleshooting and workarounds.  That is what AUGI does :)

How do I take advantage of this offer?

The AUGI's ADN Request Process
Below are the steps for ADN membership:

  1. Join AUGI as an annual (not monthly) subscription Professional member
  2. Navigate to your account page to purchase the ADN add-on package for $150
  3. Notify for instructions on gaining ADN access.  You will need your contact information and your AUGI Membership Number (found on your account page).
  4. Watch for email on instructions to apply for ADN with Autodesk. Acceptance guidelines for ADN are defined by Autodesk. AUGI is not responsible for registrations that are not approved. If your application is not approved by Autodesk, you may receive a refund for specifically the ADN package ($150) only. No refunds on professional AUGI memberships will be provided if an ADN membership application is not approved by Autodesk.