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November 2022, No. 234
AUGI Forums
AutoCAD: Christmas Animation   >
Civil 3D: Surface and border failures   >
ReCap: I don’t see the Auto Cleanup tool in ReCap 2023, why?   >
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Mark Kiker  
Tech Manager — Practical Tips for Delegating
Mark Kiker adds input onto last month’s article and introduces the delegating step of it. He gives tips, resources, methods, and more on the topic!
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3ds Max: AI Shaping 3D, Concept, and Visualization Work — Brian Chapman talks about how AI is slowly taking over helping out 3ds Max users, “especially regarding concept and visualization work,” while proceeding to explain how in steps.   >
OpenBridge Modeler: Build a Bridge in Under Five Minutes with Bridge Wizard — Berenisce Ramos talks about Bridge Wizard, a tool that provides a solution within the 3D parametric OpenBridge Modeler software, and how you can create a 3D bridge model in five minutes.   >
Civil 3D: File Management — Shawn Herring talks about working with Civil 3D files and how aggravating they can be. He provides an inside scoop filled with tons of education on this topic from his past 15 years of experience.   >
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November 2022
KaDe King
AUGIWORLD November 2022
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Volumetric Video Will Accelerate the Future of 3D Content Creation
Autodesk, Inc. Announces Fiscal 2023 Third Quarter Results
My path from the U.S. Navy to Autodesk
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