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April 2022, No. 227
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CAD Management: Search various folders drawings (.dwg files) for a specific block name   >
Civil 3D: Annotate feature line elevations   >
Revit: Hide categories in all links but not host   >
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AUGI Members’ Articles
Mark Kiker  
Tech Manager — Leadership Cloning
Mark Kiker explains what leadership cloning is and how you probably think you are a good leader and think that others who pattern their leadership after what you have learned will be good leaders also. Also adding that as you bring people along, they will start to act like you.
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Successful BlM Implementation: Revit for MEP — Jason Peckovitch gives us insight on the key to being successful at using Revit and BIM on your project while staying connected and collaborating.   >
Collaboration as a 3ds Max Professional — Brian Chapman lists 1–6 essential factors when collaborating with a team as a 3ds Max professional you are responsible for personally, also including the responsibilities everyone has as the team.   >
AutoCAD Plots & Scripts (The Prequel) — Paul Li writes all about plotting and scripts including ‘plotting in the blind’ and some ‘plotting enhancements.’   >
BIM Chapters
Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World
Revit Recess
Letter from
the President
April 2022
KaDe King
AUGIWORLD April 2022
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Exclusive discount offers for AUGI (Professional and Student) Members:
Developers: Offer of Free ADN Standard Membership for 2022 (AUGI Professional only)
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Training: Receive a 15%* discount off training at participating ATCs
Events and Training
AUGI is committed to providing diverse opportunities for its members to further their education—Below are just a few of the educational offerings that AUGI currently provides to help its members sharpen their technical skills.
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Autodesk Product Updates
Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the last month.
Open Light 2023 Object Enabler (64-bit)
Download and Install Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 Product Help
Inventor View 2023
Autodesk News
Press Releases and articles from the past month relating to Autodesk.
Autodesk Launches Microgrants and Scholarship Award to Support Students Entering Construction Trades
Revit Release: Advice from the West Virginia architecture firm that “lives and dies by Revit”
Autodesk Introduces the Next Generation of Tools for a New Era of Infrastructure
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There are openings for authors for AUGIWORLD, opportunities to assist in the Wish List, as well as contribute to our social media outreach.
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