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October 2021, No. 221
AUGI Forums
AutoCAD Customization: Script to manipulate layers in multiple x-refs   >
Civil 3D: Point file fails to import when using the Import Points command    >
Revit Architecture: Modeling straight purlins on a curved roof    >
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Mark Kiker  
Tech Manager — The Haves and Have Nots of Meetings
Seriously? Another meeting? YES! Mark Kiker gets serious about things getting done. Find out why you need to have meeting, what they should cover and what to have and what not to have.
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Civil 3D: Customizing User Interfaces — Oscar Castaneda focuses on a few key elements that make ORD not such a bad guy coming from the Civil 3D experience.   >
3ds Max: Creating an HDRI Loader using Maxscript — Brian Chapman talks about how we can use Maxscript to create an interface to work with HDRI environments and the Arnold renderer built into 3Ds Max.   >
Revit Mapping Customization — Eric Wing explains everything you need to know about customization by comparing Revit and AutoCAD and leading you step by step through the new methods.   >
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Duct Duct Pipe
Letter from
the President
October 2021
KaDe King
AUGIWorld October 2021
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Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the last month.
Autodesk Civil 3D 2022 Object Enabler
Vault 2022 Updates
Autodesk Revit 2021 Product Updates
Autodesk News
Press Releases and articles from the past month relating to Autodesk.
New research reveals digitally mature companies are preparing for the next wave of digital disruption
Building and Infrastructure Owners Hold the Keys to Connected Data
How a Digital Twin Solved the Leighton Asia Hong Kong Airport Puzzle
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