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December 2020, No. 211
AUGI Forums
AutoCAD Customization: How do you create a complex linetype with a symbol that repeats and no line between?   >
Civil 3D: Alignment Label — parameter — “Perpendicular Direction”   >
Revit Architecture: How can I get a face-based family nested in a generic or specialty equip family to still report elevation?   >
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Mark Kiker  
Tech Manager — Bad Timing
Mark Kiker tells us how bad timing can derail your next software upgrade. We all upgrade our software, right? Take this article and use it to be successful when the time comes.
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Virtual Desktops — Tag team duo, Brian Smith and Andrell Laniewicz, put together a very informative article on VDIs. I’m sure you are wanting to know more about your new working environment since the pandemic. VPN, or VDI? Read on to find out!   >
Industry Insights of a Consultant — BIM/Technical Consultant, Software,Collaboration, Hardware, Data. How do these items come together? Gareth Spencer explains how to bridge the gap between these and support your clients in this article.   >
Industry Insights: Revit and BIM 360 — Eric Wing expands our minds with a great explanation of file sharing, using none other than, BIM 360. This is the future of CLOUD!   >
DBEI — Membership Rates and Benefits
Gareth Spencer
The Lazy Drafter
Letter from
the President
December 2020
Kimberly Fuhrman
AUGIWorld December 2020
AUGI Career Center
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Autodesk Product Updates
Service Patches and Updates released by Autodesk during the last month.
Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 Object Enabler
Inventor 2021 Updates
Autodesk Revit 2021 Product Updates
Autodesk News
Press Releases and articles from the past month relating to Autodesk.
The Future of Work is Now: New Autodesk Certification Program Helps Today’s Workforce Prepare for the Age of Automation
How Autodesk Supports Distance Learning for Parents, Students and Educators
Autodesk, Inc. Announces Fiscal 2021 Third Quarter Results
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