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Stand alone viewer for sheet sets..

I can see the usefulness in this, but do you mean you want the viewer to view the thumbnails, like those that are shown in the SSM? Attachment 96795 ( Or do you mean you want to view the actual drawing itself? If the latter, I guess...

Posted: by rkmcswain

2011 Calling All Label Gurus

When you say "how to align" do you mean "align them relative to each other", or "align the whole block at the top of the structure"?

Posted: by rkmcswain

2014 Automatically update Finishes to Room Tag

Hi Is there any method by which I can get the finishes such as wall finish, floor finish and cieling finish in the room tag automatically updated as per the materials given in their corresponding properties? Right now I am addding them as labels by editing the family for room tags and then...

Posted: by Joseph TVM

Create a smarter xref drawing allowing the ability to change properties.

PROBE.lsp allows you to read obect properties in an xref (findable on the net).

Posted: by jaberwok

2015 wipeouts and background masks in paper space not working

Thanks for the reply. I had it unchecked. With "plot paperspace last" checked, the PS wipeout now works, but the mtext background masks still don't. Puzzling, but at least now I know I can use wipeouts. Thanks mate.

Posted: by troy_augi368253

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Stand alone viewer for sheet sets..

Sheet set manager is great with a small drawback. You must have AutoCAD to run it. It would be great to have a viewer for sheet sets. Kind of like the viewers already available without all the bells and whistles. Just a viewer so you…


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