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Create a block that is not edtitable in block editor

You can try to convert block to anonymous unexplodable block and then create named block as unexplodable and nest that anonymous block inside main unexplodable block, so it can be bedited and refedited, but modifications to nested block can't be processed... For first task try this code: ...

Posted: by marko_ribar

2014 File missing path

I believe that if you take a Snapshot of the surface it won't need the TXT file unless you remove the Snapshot.

Posted: by Jeff_M

Dealing with MEP systems in REVIT similar Buildings

Would it be possible for you to take one model as far as possible through design and then do a saveas to create the other two models? This would allow you to keep circuits, etc. that can't otherwise be copied between models. If not you're probably best off copying/pasting content between models...

Posted: by neightyeight

2014 Turn off new subcategory in all excisting viewtemplates

At first not that i know of. Less of a problem these days as we have a library that covers most of what we need. I have added subcategories to our template and adjusted all the view templates accordingly. Just need to make sure the correct subcategories are used when building new families. We...

Posted: by damo3

2012 Suspended Ceiling Hatch

Hey all, A while back i had downloaded a suspended ceiling grid hatch and never saved it from my old work place. i no longer can find it online. can anyone help? BTW I am trying to show the Tee's.

Posted: by billynutts

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Multiple on-off options are needed for dynamic blocks.

Desperately need the ability to turn features in blocks on or off. The visibility menu is great, but to add an on-off feature to blocks would be much easier to create. This option would mean the difference between 100 different visibility options OR just 10 visibility options…


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