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2014 Missing 'Design Center" icon or button

---Quote (Originally by robotgrass)--- Hello, I am running AutoCAD 2014 Mechanical, any ideas where I can Find the "Design Center" icon? It appears to be missing, please see attached photo. Thanks Shoukry Momtreal ---End Quote---

Posted: by Wanderer

2011 Help with Creating Subassembly

We have this write-up for creating assemblies, sub-assemblies and corridors. Not sure if this is what you need, but maybe it will help: *CREATING CORRIDORS AND SECTION VIEWS* One thing to maybe help you understand what a corridor is. A corridor is just simply a “cross section” that will be...

Posted: by judekw

2014 How to stop Help from opening automatically?

Hello all. I have been inactive here for quite some time, and I apologize for not participating. I have searched and searched for a resolution to this problem, and have been unsuccessful. Ever since we upgraded to C3D 2014 whenever I open a new drawing the Help file automatically opens. I...

Posted: by judekw

2015 Background image when rendering

How do you insert a background image using Autodesk rendering?

Posted: by Revit for Breakfast

2014 Aligned Dimension: Properties Grayed out.

---Quote (Originally by jaberwok)--- Here, properties for an Aligned dimension, TEXT category, in A2013 on Win 7 Ultimate x64 - only "Fractional type" and "Measurement" are greyed out. In the "Lines & Arrows" category (which you mention but do not show) - only "Ext line fixed length" is greyed...

Posted: by ciccseven886331

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AUGIWorld August 2014 Issue Released!

One would think successful collaboration among team members would be virtually effortless. Really, with all the technology available these days, how hard could it be for professionals, even those who aren't housed in the same office, to work together and...


Get Advance Pass for AU2014

The Advance Pass sale (which is new this year) continues until August 19. Registration for Advance Pass holders opens August 20. Everyone else gets to register a week later, which a greater chance to get the classes you want. When...


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Out of view selection

Select your first point then when you zoom in and pan to select finer point you lose your selection ones out of window. You can only select objects that are only inside your window.


String Parameters & Field Functionality in a Single Block

I want to create a block that is basically a mtext object that has fields that display the variables that I need.  I can get the fields to work fine if the variable is numeric by having a construction line length that is controlled…


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