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Is Workset1 special?

---Quote (Originally by stefan.l)--- ...Do you know WHY (to what purpose) would Autodesk smuggle a 2nd workset parameter into the Type Parameters? What is the use of the seemingly reduntant situation here, and how does the heirarchy between the two workset parameters resolve?... ---End Quote---...

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

2015 Toposurface from UAV survey

Unfortunately, yes. Under the current laws, If you are advertising service and profiting from it, the FAA may send you a letter asking you to stop. This is of course unless you apply for an Unmanned Aerial Systems Certificate of Authorization, and get approval from the FAA to operate. So far, it...

Posted: by Limbatus

2015 Update Release 5 ....

tu n'as pas chargé la bonne version, tu as pris revit et non revit architecture. Revit c'est celui de la suite.

Posted: by gravelin

Scan a network for installed Autodesk appliations

Actually, that did not seem to be it. Seemed to deal only with updating software on my workstation. I was looking for the old app that scanned the network and listed each workstation and what Autodesk software was installed on them... *Le Sigh*

Posted: by jpcadconsulting347236

2014 Specifying the layer on which the viewport/callout tag are placed when adding a view to a sheet

We right click on the views in the Model View tab and select "place on sheet". At the moment it places them on the current layer... love to be able to modify that but .NET is out of my grasp I'm afraid. Thanks for any advice as always,

Posted: by jpcadconsulting347236

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AUGIWorld December 2014 Issue Released!

Whether you're spending the first week of December at Autodesk University or it's business as usual in your office, you can, make that must, continually cultivate your professional network. This precious collection of colleagues can come to your rescue in...


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Change mathematical function types of some functions (round(), ceil(), floor())

Change mathematical function types used in parameters table. Instead of limiting units of ceil(), round() and floor() functions to “ul” they should be applied to any unit. Example of wished operation: - parameter value d0=50,001mm - parameter function d1=round(d0) should return value…





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