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Assembly Insert Constraint and Lock Rotation

Select part then RMB and select grounded to do this.

Posted: by Orion

Multileader that reads x,y and z

You can attach a block to a point and display the X Y Z Desc etc this can be moved and dynamic we do this now for our survey control points. Its done automatically via a point group, same with setout points have a leader + bubble with point number.

Posted: by ahouston972454

Automatic Curb Return Grading

Have a look at the 3rd party product Advanced Road Design running under CIV3D it does what you want

Posted: by ahouston972454

how to get x and y coordinates of selected shape

Assuming the object you are referring to is a block. P= Code: --------- (defun C:Alert (/ entSelection lstSelection objSelection) (vl-load-com) (and

Posted: by peter

Tuiles du toit

Bonjour à tous, Je voudrais faire un panaché de 3 ou 4 couleurs comme sur la photo Tereal ci-dessous à partir de la famille suivante (voir fil mentionné ci-dessous). J'essaye d'approfondir mes connaissances sur les familles et réseaux et vois ça comme un exercice... mais pour l'instant je...

Posted: by CharlieFR78

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Avoid pipe disconnects when Reapply type option is used

When you use the Reapply type option on a large number of elements revit disconnects the major part of these elements and then you have to manually connect them again. There’s a lot of time lost reconnecting the elements. In my opinion this is…


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