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2014 View Range question

Take a look at using Plan Regions (

Posted: by bcgatti

Legend Annotations

Problem about allowing items to be tagged in a Legend is that placed items are just graphical representations of the component. It's why you only get to select certain views and why some families come in rotated. And it goes from the default parameters from the family browser. ...

Posted: by cdatechguy

What does it takes to teach Revit in Canada? (Legal issues)

Take a look here:

Posted: by cdatechguy

2013 too dense to hatch error

---Quote (Originally by rmk)--- I'm trying to hatch a closed polygon made up of 50 to 60 segments which represent an asphalt overlay on a roadway project. the problem is that when I try and apply the hatch, it tells me it's to dense to hatch and nothing displays. I've tried changing patterns,...

Posted: by jaberwok

2014 weird attribute numbering

---Quote (Originally by tedg)--- Can you post a cleaned up, scaled down version of the drawing *with* the block that does the auto numbering? and a separate file of the intended block? ---End Quote--- attached are "pln-title_sects.dwg" is the block used in dwg., "typical section file.dwg" is dwg...

Posted: by erod

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AUGIWorld September 2014 Issue Released!

Now that the economy is rebounding, professionals can turn their attention back to practical matters such as discovering how their earnings compare with those of their industry peers, what industries are hiring, what industries are laying off, how many people...


AUGI HotNews - August 2014

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Make isolated layer active

If the layer isolate command is invoked it is likely you want to work on that layer and AutoCAD should automatically set that layer as the active layer until the layer is unisolated wherein the previous active layer would be restored.. This would be for…


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