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Function "order and resize array" not returning values

---Quote (Originally by CADfunk MC)--- Hi. I'm working on a way to order coordinates in a drawing. These coordinates are stored in an array and used to draw a first line. Then the coordinates-array is passed into a function, in wich it is re-organised (endpoint becomes new startpoint) and resized...

Posted: by RICVBA

Apparent intersection option for ordinate dimensions

I really don't think this is working (in ordinate dimension)! Also it should be possible to find itrsection from arcs etc. spixler - please point out some video or something to show how it's used.

Posted: by pan.137897

Function for checking all objects between 2 points

FYI the ssget function has the ability to filter layers. Another way to write the function would be to use the ssget filtering and sslength Code: --------- (defun ClashDetection ( lstPoint1 lstPoint2 )

Posted: by peter

2015 Automatic Renumbering Shared Parameters

Thanks David im going to do a search about this add in

Posted: by valejandro_ibarra


I think it'd be great to have something like this in the office.

Posted: by rtaube

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Wall sweeps should continue across columns

Using a wall sweep as a base trim or crown molding is great until you come across an architectural column that sticks out from the wall. If a wall and column are joined there should be an option to have the sweep continue on all…


Target Dynamic Corridor Feature Lines

In working at intersections it would be handy to be able to target dynamically linked corridor feature lines.  I acknowledge that there may be a better workflow but at the moment I’m still working on figuring intersections out.  I found it to…


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