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Improved Forumlas (Switch Statement)

Good Doni49 Not only Switch. I need formulas for text, Like concatenation, right, left, trim, etc A little formula editor. As a Access editor: formulas and variables available. Allow us to define formulas. Attachment 99145 ( ...

Posted: by ivan692408

Named Reference Planes, and regular reference planes - as different system families

I thing reference planes should have "types" like other families, and they appear in filters

Posted: by ivan692408

2015 Aligning all views to same orientation?

OK I ended up just deleting the level 1 view and creating a new view and everything seems to be fine now. Sure would like to know how that all happened because it cost me a couple hours of troubleshooting. Never did find the image I inserted so I re-inserted and re-scaled it.

Posted: by vanderloo5

2015 Importing Solidworks Assemblies into AutoCAD 2015

Part 1 I have a Solidworks assembly that is 7.5 MB in size. I IMPORT the Solidworks assembly file directing in to AutoCAD. The file comes in at 10MB as blocks. Some of the blocks are sub-assemblies from Solidworks, so I have blocks within blocks. But as I work on the file in AutoCAD such...

Posted: by jc.malitzke217107

2014 Layered panelling built into wall type?

Welcome to the forums. I'd look at either integral reveals/sweeps in a wall type or line based families applied over the base wall. Depends what you need from the model (accurate quantities, visualization, CD's etc)

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias

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Sheet Set Manager Drag’n'Drop Population Tool

First: I would like a ‘locking’ property be added to SSM subsets so that when activated, sheets in that subset stay where they’re at and in that order. Second: An option added to the SSM right click menu called something like ‘enable copy’, …


Align Multiple

If you want to align multiple items to a single alignment point you currently have to execute these one by one. With align multiple you pick one point to be aligned to and then each thing you select until ending the command will align to…


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