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2015 Revit LT at #AU2014

Hi folks, thought I'd give those of you heading to AU next week a little heads up. I see Jeff Hanson from Autodesk is looking for Revit LT users to speak with. Find him at the Answer Bar for more details (you can probably also ping him on the AU2014 App, if you're using that).

Posted: by Wanderer

2014 Duplicate points

---Quote (Originally by rmk)--- I have watched countless youtube videos, purchased books, but nothing beats real world experience from daily users. Any help, tips, tricks, guidance or assistance to learn the procedure to produce better contours would be greatly appreciated. I have relied on...

Posted: by Wanderer

Annotation de l'inclinaison d'une rampe

Je reviens sur le sujet... C'est toujours pas réglé ce truc!!! C'est franchement nul! non?

Posted: by XVD

2015 Element 584107 has become corrupt at sometime before session

Corruption can come from many different areas but i would look into network issue. Is your file workshared? If so look for latency on your network, that can be a cause for corruption.

Posted: by dhurtubise

Modélisation toit complexe à base de pans coupés triangulaires

Bonjour, la meilleur solution est peut-être le volume in-situ. - tu crées un volume. - dans la vue en plan, tu places des points à chaque sommet. tu règles leur altitude. - tu les relies 3 à 3 par des droites. - tu crées des surfaces de chaque triangle. - fin du volume in-situ. puis...

Posted: by philouie-

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Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, HP Workstations at AU 2014, Special Announcements, Heads Up, Articles You May Have Missed, Autodesk...


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When it comes to sharpening your design skills through continuing education and training, you don't want to "wing it." Rather than take a haphazard approach to professional development - for yourself or your staff - create a detailed education plan.....


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Control over Automatic Area Boundaries

It should be possible to set area boundaries to measure to the core of an automatically selected wall, rather than defaulting to the exterior of the cladding.


Toggle Infills

When we demolish a window or door in a replacement package, Revit automatically in-fills the area with the wall host. Often, we are only replacing the window or door, not in-filling the opening. In order to make this appear correctly graphically, users have to employ…


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