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2015 Revit Materials - Text - ALL CAPS

---Quote (Originally by wmullett)--- I'm sorry maciejw but your answer has to be incorrect. There are multiple libraries available to every project. As far as I can find, the texture maps, thermal and structural data are available in the *.adsklib files as stated in the HELP "...The *.adsk...

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2013 How to see properties of fill patterns in your project

---Quote--- But the extra fill patterns will probably only add a couple kilobytes (a couple dozen at the most) to your family file size. ---End Quote--- There are some very big hatch patterns. The AutoCAD Architecture 2014 "Roofing_Shingles_DeepShadow" pattern file is 240KB in text format...

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Finding AutoCAD templates in Visual Studio Pro 13

OK, I'm trying to migrate all our Lisp and VBA routines to and whenever I type something in like "acadselectionset" or "ThisDrawing.selectionset" the wavy red underline pops up. Of course, doesn't understand Autocad stuff, but the VBA code did. I didn't write the VBA programs,...

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2015 Wird Publisher Problem

Hey guys. When I plot a single sheet. The plot is normal and looks good. When I use my publisher it is cutting off the bottom of my title block. Any ideals? Anything you can think of that I could check.

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Ted, thank you. If I run the repair, would I loose all the settings, work spaces and customization's I have done? I also found that when I type at the command line APPLOAD units, it takes me to a dialog box where I can search for it. I founded I clicked on load button and it returns a samall...

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Get Advance Pass for AU2014

The Advance Pass sale (which is new this year) continues until August 19. Registration for Advance Pass holders opens August 20. Everyone else gets to register a week later, which a greater chance to get the classes you want. When...


RTC Europe 2014

Dublin, Ireland Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November 2014 Building on the success of the 2014 Australasian and North American events, RTC comes back for its second year in Europe, with the venue set in the beautiful Dublin Castle,...


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Revit Video Conferencing

To put very simply, combine skype with revit. Imagine communication between team members via IM or Video. Also add a group or peer to peer sketch pad where both or all parties can view or add in real time! Now thats thinking ahead!


Smooth it out

Place a higher priority on the basic smoothness of the software to eliminate the notchiness of the screen and inability to easily select fine points in a large layout (for instance during a copy command).


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