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Operating System Not Supported - VM Windows Server 2008 - Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2016 - Standard Edition

1st off there is not a *"Prefix: drop-down list, which is just above the Title text box"*:?: 2nd it has been a while since I have installed Cad on anything, and never on a server. So here is my question: I am getting an error message "Operating System Not Supported" while trying to install on...

Posted: by ksteele

2016 AutoCAD osnap dialog box

When you install civil3d, by default a shortcut is created to run Acad without any civil features. If the shortcut is not on your dekstop, look in the Start Menu under the Autodesk autoCAD Civil3d folder. Possible someone nuked it, but unlikely IMO. The reason for trying this is to try and...

Posted: by cadtag

Problème d'importation d'un fichier Revit dans 3ds Max

Salut à tous, Je souhaite importer un fichier Revit dans 3ds Max mais on dirait qu'il y a un bug au moment de l'importation du fichier. Quel est le soucis? Voici le lien pour télécharger la copie d'écran, en vidéo pour voir ce qu'il se passe:

Posted: by Ancelord

Even/Odd detection formula for use in families

[QUOTE=Adrian Esdaile;1257153] Here's another method that will get you there with a little less typing. Code: --------- Rounddown just strips off the remainder and gives you the whole number portion of the quotient. So the following divides the test number in half and from that it...

Posted: by Doni49

2015 sorting av filter list

Ahhhhh...THAT!...yeah pain in the arse. The fix is coming. Currently available in the Revit Sunrise ( release...Woot. "Filters dialog: The Filters dialog has been improved to make it easier to...

Posted: by kubsix

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AUGIWorld September 2015 Issue Released!

AUGI’s annual dive into the salaries, benefits, workload, job satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc. of its members is the highlight of the September 2015 issue of AUGIWorld. The 14th Annual AUGI Salary Survey provides a unique take on the information provided by AUGI...


Attend AU2015 and become an AUGI Premier Member Free!

Are you planning on attending AU2015 in Las Vegas this year? AUGI is rewarding the first 150 AUGI members who register with a free one year AUGI Premier Membership. Earlier this summer AUGI President Bob Bell discussed AUGI support for...


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Make name of reference plane visible in project file “tool tips”

A named reference plane is set to “weak reference” or above (ie not “not a reference) within a family and loaded into a project file. In the project file, when a named reference plane is highlighted (ie when dimensioning) the name of the reference plane…


Pdf with layers

Create pdf with layers. Layers based on categories. Our client requested this recently so he can turn on/off layers for clarity while reading pdf via tablet on site. We exported to cad & used the dwg to pdf printer but: - pcp file had…


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