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AUGI HotNews September 2012 - Issue 112
Training - The Summit
and the Steps

Who needs training? When do you train?
What... When... this article looks at all of these
questions on training your staff in a great discussion.

Read article, Training - The Summit and the Steps

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August 2012 Edition
AUGIWorld August 2012 Issue
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• CAD Manager
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President's Letter
Letter from the President - 2012 September
AUGI President David Harrington counts down the latest AUGI updates and profiles the upcoming Autodesk University 2012 (registration starts soon).

AUGI Wish List Items
Here is a listing of wishes in the AUGI Top Ten for different products! Voting is still going on and these results may change. You still have time to have your vote count!

AutoCAD - Paul Westhelle (pwesthelle) - Solid Hatch Opacity Setting - The ability to set the opacity of a hatch from 0 - 100%.


AutoCAD Architecture - Matthew Dougherty (mdougherty) - Dynamic Array settings Be able to specify number of items or spacing or both in dynamic blocks.


AutoCAD Civil 3D - Steve Boon (SBOON) - Linetype Generation on Feature Lines - Feature Lines should display linetypes correctly when PLINEGEN variable is set to 1.


Inventor - Ben Cornelius (bendesign04) - Section views act as drawing views - Allow Sections views from model Representations to be placed on as drawing views.


Navisworks Manage - Jason Matthews (civicduty) - Clash Detection Groupings - Ability to have groups within groups.


Revit Architecture - David Keller (dkeller7) - Multiple "send to back" and "bring to front" - Select multiple annotation items and have the ability to send the entire set backwards or forwards in the view. Currently we can only send one at a time to the back or to the front.


Revit MEP - Gene Marz (genemarz) - Auto side valve When inserting a valve, have Revit automatically make the valve the same size as the pipe.


Revit Structure - Shaun Peppers (RevitAddict) - Grade Beam Object Class - Add a grade beam category separate from regular beams.

Forum Hot Topics
Members ask questions and get answers.
» AutoCAD: DB with Multiple Vis States and Attributes
» AutoCAD LT: Playing with macros
» Revit: Transparent Local File Creation - GUI (v5)
» Revit Hardware: Revit SSD & backup files
» Inventor: Subtracting Solids from Sheet Metal Parts
» Civil3D: X-Refed Feature Lines Won't Plot Correctly
» Map 3D: Adding database info to objects in Map 3D
» AutoLISP: Update Attributed Text using LISP
» Hardware: AutoCAD 2011 and great hardware questions
» 3ds Max: Smoothly Connecting Two Surfaces
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Heads Up
AUGI brings you all the latest news on service patches and updates from Autodesk within the last month.
» AutoCAD 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» AutoCAD 2013: Service Pack 1
» AutoCAD LT 2013: Service Pack 1
» AutoCAD LT 2013: Hotfix - Persistent Autodesk Sync error in the system tray
» Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013: Update 2 (see readme for details)
» AutoCAD Architecture 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013: Hotfix 2
» AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013: Hotfix 1
» AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012: Hotfix - Data Shortcuts
» AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012: Update 2.1
» AutoCAD Map 3D 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» AutoCAD Map 3D 2013: Missing Buttons in SQL Editor Hotfix (German only)
» AutoCAD Mechanical 2013: Autodesk Point Cloud Hotfix
» Autodesk 3ds Max 2013: Product Update 4
» Autodesk 3ds Max 2012: Product Update 9
» Autodesk Vault 2013: Hotfix - Vault Basic Office add-in tab cannot display correctly in Microsoft office 32 bit on a Windows 64 bit environment
» Autodesk Vault 2013: Hotfix - Vault Log In
The AUGI Wish List is Back! »
Training - Not Just What is Said, But How it is Said (and How Often)
Training - Not Just What is Said, But How it is Said (and How Often)
A guide to setting up the most effective training lecture for your staff.

CAD Manager
CAD Management: That's Insulting!
Executive Director Mark Kiker offers perspective on workplace dynamics and the social cues we can all learn from.

Sterling Systems: Autodesk, Software, Training, Support

Home Page Poll
No Home Page Poll this time. Instead we will have a Salary Survey article.

The Salary Survey is coming!

The 11th Annual Salary Survey is almost here! Board Member Melanie Perry brings you a few resources you can use to prove your value to your own (or a prospective) company.

Sponsor Spotlight
HP Z1 Workstation sets a new standard for design and performance. The HP Z1 Workstation is tested and certified to run your Autodesk applications and protect your investments.

Autodesk News
The latest information from Autodesk.
» Autodesk Announces Autodesk Revit LT
» Autodesk Reports Second Quarter Results
» Visual Computing Labs Brings 'Arjun: The Warrior Prince' to Life Using Autodesk Software
» Autodesk, Lightstorm Entertainment and Weta Digital Drive Virtual Production Forward
» Autodesk Announces Extensions for 2013 3D Animation Software
» Autodesk Extends Invitation to Join its Second Quarter Fiscal 2013 Financial Results Conference Call Thursday, August 23, 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time
» Autodesk Software Used for Analyzers That Help Industries Minimize Emissions
» Global Manufacturers Select Autodesk Digital Prototyping Solutions Over Rivals
» Autodesk Professional Design App Delivers New Social Capabilities
» EPA Recognizes Autodesk as One of Nation's Leading Green Power Purchasers
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Articles You May Have Missed
Spotlight - General
» Making ACA Extraordinary - Melinda Heavrin examines seven third-party tools to enhance AutoCAD Architecture 2013.
» Defining BIM - Bill Campbell peels back the layers on BIM in search of a meaningful definition.
» Extending Revit with "Apps" - David Fano and Don Rudder offer sources for apps to extend the Revit Architecture platform
» BIM Project Coordination - Initial Clash Detection - When BIM project coordination is done right, everyone comes out ahead..
» AutoCAD: The Power of Commands - The ribbon and dialog boxes notwithstanding, it is helpful to know these AutoCAD command line tools.
» Wind Farm Infrastructure - Author Donal McMoreland on the tools used and lessons learned in designing wind farm infrastructure...
» Autodesk PLM 360: A Success Story - In this eyewitness account, Scott Moyse describes his company's successful implementation...
» Product Review: BOXX 3970 Extreme - Check out BOXX 3970 Extreme with product reviewers Bill Debevc and Lonnie Cumpton.
» Wicked Education: Teaching IPD, BIM, and Lean Business Processes - Wicked problems in the Built industry are complex and challenging...
» CAD Employee Hiring 101 - Author Walt Sparling dives deep into CAD employee hiring - from the initial interview to the new hire's first day...
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