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Training, Workflows, Support:

Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series is a revolutionary way of delivering multiple implementation, training and support resources in a single, concise interface. Select from three editions to meet your needs. Through a combination of software and services, you access onscreen Workflow, Cheat Sheet & Video content, and receive unlimited Live Training and Technical Support. This enables you to efficiently use Autodesk software the way it was intended and effectively get their work done. Download a free trial of the Pinnacle Series Personal Edition below. More information on the Pinnacle Series


Eagle Point's Civil 3D and Revit Companion products allow you to streamline your workflows and reduce the number of step needed to accomplish common tasks inside your Autodesk products. For many projects, the sophisticated and robust options AutoCAD Civil 3D and Autodesk Revit provide are not always needed. By condensing the number of inputs and streamlining the interface, less time is spent worrying about which commands to run next, allowing you to spend more time on design. Click below to learn more about Eagle Point's Civil 3D and Revit Companion products.

Siteworks for Revit - Easily create and modify toposurfaces inside Revit.

LANDCADD for Revit - Lay out site components and design landscapes inside Revit.

Designers' Companion for Civil 3D - Reduce the number of steps and simplify your workflow of common civil engineering tasks within AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Surveyors' Companion for Civil 3D - Comfortably and productively move to AutoCAD Civil 3D with simplified COGO routines and user interface.

Data Reduction for Civil 3D - Streamline surface creation by creating the surface at the same time the points and linework are reduced.

* Discount is valid for AUGI Premier and AUGI Professional members only.  Just mention AUGI when you are ordering.


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