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Copy one block reference to the same database

Hi, I open a side database, then read the Model space block table record, then find the required block reference by name. So far I'm ok. Now I want to paste the same block reference at predefined insertion points n number of times. How can I accomplish this? Thanks

Posted: by sresh

2015 List all families in an RVT file

Hi, In the project browser, under families you have a list of all families (including system families) that are loaded into a project.

Posted: by Maciej Wypych

Just a Feature line and a corridor!

Except that a feature line has "both a horizontal alignment, and a vertical profile." A feature line has stationing and vertical elevations! That tool is great but it still doesn't simplify the process for say a parking lot or other small landdev project. This image better explains how this tool...

Posted: by jlord.108497

2016 Custom Workspace

Then you're going to have to map the same parent CUIx - the one where your toolbars exist. Also, just to confirm... You are NOT mapping C3D.CUIx into vanilla AutoCAD, right? Cheers

Posted: by BlackBox

2013 Creating custom line types with oblique text style

My bad. We always draw our utility lines at 0 elevation so I didn't notice. Interesting, the higher the elevation the skinnier the text gets! Now back to the original post... I tried an italicc.shx font which has a built in slant (sort of) for my existing linetypes. It isn't affected by...

Posted: by bkagarise.216541

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Metadata on surfacepoints

It wil be usefull if the user can see with a tooltip the metadata off een surface triangulationpoint. So the user can see where the point from. For example a tooltip with the filename and datum from the ASCII file where the surface triangulation points…


Allow to copy from Properties Palette

When you create a closed polygon, often we need to use the area of that polygon in other documents. It would be great to be able to copy and paste from the read-only fields.


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