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AUGI Membership Levels FAQ

Why is AUGI adding paid memberships?

To fund expansion and balance cash flow for benefits, AUGI has added paid tiers of membership to the options you have when you join and maintain a membership.  Free memberships will be retained (now called Basic Membership) and most of the benefits that you love still remain free.  Only specific levels of members may access other features.  This is because the cost of those benefits should be borne buy the members who have access and not by those who are not tapping into these extended resources.

What about the Free Membership that has been around so long?  Is it going away?

Free Membership is now defined as Basic Membership.  The Forums (our main resource for sharing knowledge) will remain free and open to everyone.  Posting will require membership at the Basic free level, but read only access is open to the entire world without login or restriction.  Most other website areas will remain open to members and the general public, but may have some restricted content.

Another free level of membership is called just "Member".  These are long time members that have been active within AUGI for a period of time.  They will be granted additional Forum priviledges as long as they remain active.  No new "Members" will be defined and all free memberships going forward will be Basic Members.

What new paid memberships are available?

Premier Membership is the first level of paid membership.  Premier will include access to all Basic levels plus content Archives and early access to some features.  This level may be the one you are looking for if you have older products and need access to past content related to prior software releases.  This is also the level that you may need if you are involved or lead an AUGI User Group.

Professional Membership is our new top tier.  This provides access to all other level features, plus you will receive AUGIWorld magazine in print delivered to your home or work address.  This will allow you to maintain and share a hardcopy reading library of issues.   There will also be greater access to Archives and special features.  This level also opens access to a ADN Membership.

Why should I pay?

AUGI would like you to support these new membership levels as vigorously as you have the free membership.  This will enable AUGI to expand even more.  Additional funding that is provided by these memberships will be poured back into AUGI as we add new features, programs and efforts (both free and paid). 

AUGI has always been an independent voice for users.  We have enabled Autodesk product users to help others with issues that challenge the day-to-day efforts of many.  We have remained independent because our funding is not entirely provided by Autodesk.  They do advertise with AUGI and we enjoy a healthy relationship that enriches our members.  AUGI needs additional funding to establish the support needed to keep things running at top performance.

We encourage you to join AUGI at a paid level as we seek to increase your benefits and secure AUGI’s future.

What is the cost?

AUGI is offering the Premier Membership for $25 per year.   The Professional Membership is $100 per year. 

Where does AUGI get all the great content?

AUGI does this through the members who generously share knowledge – real world knowledge – on every product that Autodesk provides.  We do this together as members helping members.  No one is paid to find your answer.  No one is deriving income from the answers they provide.  All members are offering advice in the hopes that you will learn, and that you will share with other members what you have discovered.  AUGI enables interaction via our website, publications, emails and other outlets.  These outlets have a cost of maintenance that AUGI has to bear.

Where does AUGI get funding?

In the past Autodesk assisted AUGI with most of it’s funding.   AUGI then provided advertising space to select vendors who helped AUGI expand.  Now AUGI mainly generates income from advertising.  AUGI enables vendors to contact you via our opt-in email messages, web advertisements and ads in our publications.  This has provided all that you see for many years.  Autodesk is still a benefactor to AUGI while others have come alongside also.

What does AUGI do with the money?

In recent year, AUGI has defined expansion plans that are aggressive and will provide even more content and expertise that is shared by users for other users.  These expansion plans will invigorate the community and make out site and products even more interactive.

More information on Membership Levels and Benefits

Details on how it all works

How can I pay?

All payments are done on-line via credit or debit cards.  Our secure processing is done via AUGI’s secure site payment page.  No credit card information is stored on our servers.  It is all handled by a reputable PCI-DSS compliant transaction gateway.  The company we use adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.
  • Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.
  • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, AMEX and Debit Cards with these logos.

I am already a member, what level of membership do I have now?

Existing members are now Basic Membership Level.  This is the free level that retains most of the benefits that have always been free.  The anniversary date of their membership is based on their original join date.

Your Current Membership Level is displayed at the top of our site next to your name.

How long do the memberships last?

AUGI Membership is just that – a membership.  It is not a pay for services or subscription model.  Memberships have defined timeframes.  Our Memberships are annual and run for 12 months after your initial membership join or upgrade date.

How do I renew my membership?

By default, paid memberships will auto-renew. This is done via automated payments unless you turn that feature off on the payment page.  You will get a reminder prior to expiration so that you can verify payment information or change it prior to being charged.  If you choose to manually renew, you will get an email prior to expiration to encourage renewal.

Can I change my Membership Level after I join?

All members have been initially moved to the Basic Membership Level and can be changed at any time.  Upgrading to Premier or Professional can be done on our site from the Member Profile area.

What Benefits are available at each level?

Our site has a list of benefits.  Go to My Account to see the list under Membership Level on the left nav.  We also list benefits on the Membership and Upgrade Information Page.

Can I cancel a paid membership after payment is made?

Cancelling your paid membership will reduce it to a Basic Membership.  No refunds will be provided.  The remainder of the paid membership term and benefits will continue until you pass the renewal date.  Prior to moving to the Basic membership, you will be offered an opportunity to renew.  If you choose not to, your membership will return to the Basic level.

Can my company pay for my membership?

Individual payment options allow you to use payment information provided by your employer.  At this time we have no corporate or group membership offerings.

Who can I contact if I have further questions or problems?

Please contact our Membership Director via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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