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xref object from source dwg only

---Quote (Originally by mbrandt5)--- How can I xref a single object from a dwg. versus he whole dwg.? xclip wont work because other objects are touch the object I want to xref... So I need to write a code for it...since it isn't a offered feature on autocad Any help is greatly appreciated...

Posted: by BlackBox

Multiple Monitor Views

This is something I have had on the wish list for many years. Photoshop does it and I am sure many Revit users work with multiple monitors. I want to work in Plan and watch my 3D and Section on another monitor. I think this could be fixed on the next update. Please do it!

Posted: by zanzibarbob7

2007 11x17 Template - Need to Print to 24x36 PDF

Hello All, Used to be an avid ACAD user until 2005, now at a new company that requires ACAD as the file output. We use a 11X17 templete, and a client is requesting 24X36 pdf files? I have tried but unable to get a decent print out on the 24x36 pdf file. Can anyone assist?

Posted: by jasong698277

2015 AutoCAD MEP 2015 Piping Crossing Objects Display

If anyone has issues with AutoCAD MEP 2015 Piping not showing overlapping lines breaks (object displays that should be hidden under crossing objects), please let me know if there is a solution. Thanks! For clarification, I've added a screen shot of where the settings for "Crossing Objects Display"...

Posted: by gneuhaus

2015 Change the label border size of room tag

In the room tag family: 1. type vv -> annotation category tab -> check show annotation… 2. delete border around the room number label, or apply visibility parameter 3. select number label -> edit type -> duplicate -> check show border and adjust leader/border offset and line weight to your...

Posted: by PijPiwo

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AUGIWorld April 2015 Issue Released!

The Autodesk user community looks forward to spring and the annual release of new versions of Autodesk software, and this year is no exception. AUGIWorld authors have been hard at work slicing and dicing the new releases to bring you...


AUGI HotNews - March 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


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Reduce commands

Sometimes, someone made a model and used “suppression” many times.  So for that model, there may be 30 commands even though only 15 are actually used.  All the other features are “suppressed”.  This can make the model very, very difficult to alter.  If…


Organise Project Browser with Tabs

Arrange the Project Browser items Views, Sheets, Families, etc. into Tabs, rather than the current folder type open/close (+/-) arrangement. this would allow users to quickly swap between Views, Sheets, Families, etc by selecting the relevant Tab (e.g. Sheets). the current set-up requires…


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