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NOTE: Please search the LUG List for existing LUG information about your group to avoid duplicates. 

There are three levels of User Groups.  Affiliated, Company (to be defined) and all others

Affiliated LUGs are those that embrace the “Member First” mode of providing what their members need. They embrace the “self governed” mode of leadership in that they are managed by fellow members. Resellers are encouraged to participate at every level but the leaders of the group come from the membership. They are consistent in promoting AUGI to there membership. Becoming an Affiliated AUGI LUG is an option for groups that want to be listed with AUGI, but it is not required.

Company LUGs are to be defined.

All other Local User groups will be considered non-affiliated.  These groups may be self governed or run in any manner they choose. Their focus may include promoting AUGI or not. We only welcome groups that promote Autodesk products to be listed on our site.

Which one is right for my group?

While AUGI provides benefits to both groups, such as a LUG Listing and the User Group Handbook, Non-Affiliate groups can be listed in our database and but only update their information twice a year. Affiliate AUGI LUG get more benefits and become self sufficient in the posting and modification of their information.

Approval for posting will happen within 3-5 days of submittal.  You will be notified via email when your group is approved.  Once approved, your information wil be live on our site.

In a nutshell, here are the guidelines that we will use for approvals:

AUGI Affiliate LUGs must:

  1. Have regularly scheduled, face to face meetings
  2. Maintain a membership list
  3. Be privately run – not “owned” by a company/reseller
  4. Have an Educational focus
  5. Be Self governed – run by its members
  6. Promote Autodesk products and AUGI
  7. Have at least one paid AUGI member (to maintain their LUG page)

Other LUGs that can be listed must:

  1. Have regularly scheduled, face to face meetings
  2. Have multiple members
  3. Have an Educational focus
  4. Promote Autodesk products

Find out more in the Local User Group FAQ

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NOTE: Please search the database prior to submitting your NEW LUG.  If there is a listing for your group already, then email with your updated information or request to become an Affiliate LUG (so you can edit the existing data yourself).

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