Wish List Wishes! - October 2012

October 4th, 2012

Here is a listing of wishes in the AUGI Top Ten for different products! Voting is still going on and these results may change. 

AutoCAD - Rick Spangenberger (ricks.67712) - Find and Replace for Multiple Drawings - I would like a find and replace command that works with multiple drawings (would work with blocks, attributes, text or Mtext in either MS or PS). It would be dialog box driven with windows selection methods for multiple drwaings.

AutoCAD Architecture - Rick Wright (rwright.24150) - Change Viewport Shape - Make changes in viewport shape the same way as changing the shape of any closed polyline.  Example:  Change a rectangular viewport in an "L" shape by drawing 2 lines to isolate the area of the model space drawing you don’t want to see, then trim the rectangular area and automatically generate an "L" shaped viewport which keeps all the settings of the original.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Mike Pryor (mpryor) - Show intersecting profiles - Automatically show intersecting alignments on the profile.
Inventor - Pasi Annila (pan.137897) - Quickly constraint parts together with origin planes - Add button for creating origin planes flash constraint between 2 or more parts (or assemblies) at once.

Navisworks Manage - Michael Smith (michaelnsmith86) - Refresh only one model - During coordination, a team member will give you a new model.  It would be nice to be able to update just that model instead of having to wait for Navisworks to re-compile the entire project.

Revit Architecture - Dario Mariuzzi (Dario) - Revit needs to better show the interaction between building elements and toposurfaces -

Revit MEP - Eric Kuszewski (ekuszewski430764) - Plan Regions should apply to pipe, duct, pipe accessories, pipe fittings, conduit, etc - Plan regions currently work well for architectural elements and MEP equipment, but not well for MEP system families.  I would like pipe, duct, conduit and the associated fittings to respond to a plan region just as they would with the overall drawing view range.

Revit Structure - Jacob Mellor (jmellor498901) - The beam system tool should allow users to specify the location of the first beam. - Walls should cut into toposurfaces if they intersect - Revit should allow for the intersection of a building element (wall, columns etc) and the toposurface, by cutting the wall volume out of the site, or indicating an intersecting line between wall and the site.

You still have time to have your vote count! Just visit the Wish List System to rank wishes and cast your votes!

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