Quick Tip: Get Your Layout Tabs Back

April 25th, 2013

Your day can come to a screeching halt if you open a drawing that you know has several layout tabs … and they’re not there.  This usually happens about 4:20 when you’re in a hurry to plot the project and then skedaddle.


On the Status bar, right after Model/Paper, if the layout tabs are ‘missing’ you’ll see a very dark icon.  Some call it the Black Hole, I call it Darth Vader.  Either way, it’s only there if the layout tabs are not displayed.  Right-click on it, then click the only option available, Display Layout and Model Tabs.


  • Why would you want to turn them off?  Consider this:  If you were sitting with a customer with your laptop and wanted to eliminate the clutter and get the ‘cleanest’ AutoCAD screen you could, right-click on a Layout tab, then click Hide Layout and Model tabs.  Use Ctrl + 9 to eliminate the Command line (that’s a toggle), then Ctrl + 0 to eliminate the ribbon (that’s a toggle, too).  From the drop-down menu at the end of the Quick Access Toolbar you can Hide Menu Bar, and voila!  You have one lean drawing window … and the Zoom Extents are really big!  Save this condition as a Workspace; mine’s called Nada.
  • You can also access the visibility of the Model and Layout tabs from Options >Display tab >Layout Elements: Display Layout and Model Tabs checkbox.

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