President’s Message: Membership - Who Are You?

November 28th, 2010

AUGI members come from all walks of professional life, all industries, and numerous countries. Our membership is deep and diverse - from CEOs to drafters; from instructors to students. I did some database searching for demographic information on our membership. Here's what the AUGI membership looked like as of May 1, 2010.

Total Membership

Current Membership is 182,000

Membership Percentage by Working Title

38% Architect/Engineer/Designer
21% User/Drafter
19% Manager
4% Educator/Faculty/Trainer
4% Student
3% Consultant
2% 3D Graphics/Developer
2% Owner/President
1% Dealer/Reseller/Sales
1% Contractor

International Representation

53.1% of the members reside in the United States while approximately 46.9% of the AUGI membership is from outside the US, representing more than 222 countries.

The major portions of the 46.9% of AUGI Around the World include:

5.4% AUGI Members in Canada
4.4% AUGI Members in UK
3.7% AUGI Members in Brazil
3.1% AUGI Members in India
1.7% AUGI Members in Mexico
1.7% AUGI Members in Germany
1.6% AUGI Members in France
1.5% AUGI Members in Russia
1.5% AUGI Members in Nordic
1.1% AUGI Members in Japan
0.8% AUGI Members in Portugal

Industry Representation

AUGI members represent all of the industries touched by Autodesk products.

49.9% Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction/ Facilities Management
16.8% Engineering/ Aerospace/ Automotive/Machinery/ Industrial/ Chemical
11.8% Civil Engineering/ Surveying/ Mapping/ GIS/ Geology/ Forestry
4.2% Education/ Training Institutions
2.0% Computer: Service/ Software/ Sales/ Consulting
1.9% Federal/Local/State Government or Military
1.7% Process/ Utilities/ Pipelines/ Powerlines

The number of products you are running

1 to 3 82%
4 to 6 14%
7 to 10 2%
11 or More 3%

Purchasing Power

When asked what level of influence they have on the purchasing of software, our members answered:

None – 24%
Suggest software for purchase – 24%
Influence software purchases – 35%
Approve software purchases – 17%

That means that over 75% of our members influence the selection and approval of software purchases.

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About the Author

Mark Kiker

Mark Kiker has more than 25 years of hands-on experience with technology. He is fully versed in every area of management from deployment planning, installation, and configuration to training and strategic planning.  As an internationally known speaker and writer, he is a returning speaker at Autodesk University since 1996.Mark is currently serving as Director of IT for SIATech, a non-profit public charter high school focused on dropout recovery. He maintains two blog sites, and


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