President’s Message: Get in the Game

November 28th, 2010

I have come into contact with so many members that have a wide array of connection points to AUGI. Each one has a focus on some area or program that AUGI provides and many are connected in several ways.

So what does membership mean?

According to the AUGI Bylaws, anyone who signs up on the website and then verifies their membership via a link in an email sent to them is a member. Membership at this point is forever. Once a member – always a member. If you never return to the website or log in again, you remain a member. Even if you are no longer working in CAD or BIM or design, you remain a member. Someone even joked one time that you can remain a member after you are dead. This might be true because terminating membership is up to the member.

Ah, but active membership is another story. An Active member is one that taps into the resources of AUGI at some point. For example, this can mean that you attend a local user group meeting, or go to the AUGI Forums to get (or give) answers to questions. It may mean that you attend AUGI CAD Camp or the AUGI Annual Meeting held in conjunction with Autodesk University. It may mean that you attend an ATP class or place your resume on the Career Center. Active membership can mean so many things. But it does mean that you are actively seeking to connect with AUGI in some way. You are connecting to other AUGI members or programs on a regular basis. Connecting is what makes you an active member.

Active Contributing members are those that provide something for someone else. They may lead an area or local user group. They may provide answers on the Forums. They may teach an ATP course. They may write for one of our publications. These members are what other members are depending upon for help. Are you helping someone?

No matter what you think of membership, I hope you’ll consider getting more involved. AUGI needs your help. And there is no time like the present to get in the game.

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Mark Kiker

Mark Kiker has more than 25 years of hands-on experience with technology. He is fully versed in every area of management from deployment planning, installation, and configuration to training and strategic planning.  As an internationally known speaker and writer, he is a returning speaker at Autodesk University since 1996.Mark is currently serving as Director of IT for SIATech, a non-profit public charter high school focused on dropout recovery. He maintains two blog sites, and


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