Letter from the President - April 2013

April 18th, 2013

Hello AUGI member!

By the time you have gotten this month’s HotNews, Autodesk has released the 2014 version of their product line! With that, we have work to do, both in the forums and our other publications. If you have not seen what 2014 has brought in these new versions, you should review the April 2013 issue of AUGIWorld magazine!

Acronyms abound! We have released the revision to the AUGI Local User Group Handbook. We have also released the new Add a User Group system to our website. With these two new components, you can help too! Check out the listing at http://www.augi.com/user-groups/local/local-usergroup-list/ review it for LUGs that you know about. See something missing or something wrong, get with our LUG Director at ugdirector@augi.com and also try to reach out to the LUG leaders that you know. With the new system, the leaders of LUGs now have the option to  directly manage the content shown on the AUGI website. They can now keep it up to date!

Autodesk University 2013
Mark your calendars for AU 2013: December 3–5, 2013, at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, USA. And are you interested in presenting? You can do it… go ahead and try at http://au.autodesk.com/?nd=call_for_proposals.

Calling all Volunteers!
We have opportunities and they have your name on them! Desirée Mackey and Michael Smith are waiting to help you find your home in AUGI and contribute to our wonderful organization. Just reach out and reap the rewards at volunteering@augi.com

And with that, this letter is a wrap!

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About the Author

David Harrington

David Harrington

David first began using AutoCAD in 1987 in the Structural Engineering discipline. He later joined the Board of Directors for NAAUG, and later AUGI. He is an established technical editor and author, having worked on over eight books. He also teaches at Autodesk University and occasionally writes for magazines such as AUGIWorld.


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