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Revit MEP Articles

  • Fabrication Parts for Revit MEP - 4 Years In

    by Joel Londenberg

    August 11th, 2015

    Author Joel Londenberg was excited about the potential benefits for Revit MEP from Autodesk's 2011 acquisition of MAP Software. Here's how he sees it four years later.
  • What’s in the Exchange for Revit MEP

    by Todd Shackelford

    July 30th, 2015

    Todd Shackelford explores The Autodesk Exchange for tools to assist Revit MEP users.
  • Success by 1,000 Fixes

    by Todd Shackelford

    June 15th, 2015

    Todd Shackelford presents a long list of improvements and "fixes" in Revit MEP 2016.
  • Introduction to Revit Macros, Part 2

    by Troy Gates

    May 8th, 2015

    Troy Gates follows up his November 2014 article on the basics of macro writing in Autodesk Revit.
  • New Best Practices for Plumbing

    by David Raynor

    April 16th, 2015

    With new technologies comes a new way of thinking. Author David Raynor talks changing best practices for plumbing.
  • Trial, Error, Success

    by Marilyn Law

    March 17th, 2015

    Authrr Kyle Schicker shares his real-world experience in building a valve family in Revit.
  • Revit Content: Build or Buy?

    by Kenneth Eastman

    February 16th, 2015

    Kenneth Eastman weighs the differences between building and buying Revit content.
  • The ABCs of MEP Construction Modeling, Part 2

    by Matt Stachoni

    February 10th, 2015

    Matt Stachoni follows up on his October 2014 article about using Revit MEP for trade construction modeling.
  • Revit MEP API Leveraged for Construction

    by Kenneth Eastman

    January 8th, 2015

    Kenneth Eastman demonstrates how SysQue uses the Revit MEP API to make Revit a construction tool.
  • Introduction to Revit Macros

    by Troy Gates

    January 6th, 2015

    Troy Gates offers advice (and sample code) to get you started with Revit macros.

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