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Revit MEP Articles

  • FABulous

    by Todd Shackelford

    June 22nd, 2016

    Todd Shackelford investigates the fabrication tools within Revit MEP 2017.
  • Dynamo for MEP

    by Marilyn Law

    May 9th, 2016

    Simon Moreau demonstrates how to use Dynamic to improve on Revit MEP's calculation features and create new workflows for designing in Revit.
  • Formulas & Families

    by Todd Shackelford

    May 3rd, 2016

    Todd Shackelford reviews Revit MEP formulas and ways to leverage them.
  • When BIM Is BIM: Comparing AutoCAD BIM and Revit BIM

    by David Butts

    April 27th, 2016

    To help those who haven't yet committed to a platform for BIM, David Butts highlights features in AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk Revit, and others.
  • Two-Click Coordination

    by Marilyn Law

    March 21st, 2016

    Jerad Meidinger presents a streamline coordination procedure, made possible with just a little extra setup effort.
  • Views and Visibility

    by Todd Shackelford

    March 15th, 2016

    Todd Shackelford proposes a thoughtful approach to choosing among Revit MEP's vast array of visibility control tools.
  • Process Evolution

    by Brian Nickel

    November 4th, 2015

    Brian D. Nickel shares real world examples of victories and challenges with Revit MEP projects.
  • BIM Project Break Down

    by Marilyn Law

    October 7th, 2015

    Author Dzan Ta demonstrates how to explore the practice of BIM as it affects the lifecycle of a project.
  • The SLD Banquet

    by Jerad Meidinger

    September 21st, 2015

    Jerad Meidinger serves up some food for thought about implementing electrical single-line diagrams (SLDs) into Revit.
  • Fabrication Parts for Revit MEP - 4 Years In

    by Joel Londenberg

    August 11th, 2015

    Author Joel Londenberg was excited about the potential benefits for Revit MEP from Autodesk's 2011 acquisition of MAP Software. Here's how he sees it four years later.

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