AUGI members worldwide write articles, papers, tutorials all the time. Here we host that material on our site in a manner that allows readers to find what they are interested in. We have sections in a number of areas, some related to products and others management and organizational issues.

AutoCAD Platform Articles

  • Cleaning Up AutoCAD Drawings

    by Walt Sparling

    February 19th, 2014

    Author Walt Sparling with lots of advice on how to clean up your AutoCAD drawings.
  • Quick Tip: Editing Quick Properties Content

    by Michael Beall

    February 10th, 2014

    Michael Beall demonstrates how to change a property of selected objects by customizing Quick Properties content.
  • Quick Tip: View Dashed Lines in a Viewport

    by Michael Beall

    January 10th, 2014

    Michael Beall borrows from his Autodesk University 2013 presentation on AutoCAD customization to demonstrate tips for adjusting the viewport display.
  • Pricing Trends in the CAD Industry

    by Brian Benton

    January 8th, 2014

    Author Brian Benton offers a handy reference to the types of software licenses available.
  • Quick Tip: How to Make a Custom “Ortho” with SNAPANG

    by Michael Beall

    December 16th, 2013

    Michael Beall discusses the use of the SNAPANG (Snap Angle) variable.
  • Focus on Trainers

    by Curt Moreno

    December 11th, 2013

    Curt Moreno explores trainers - their characteristics and skill sets and the paths they take to become trainers. Included is a Q&A with professional trainer William Myers of Global e-Training.
  • Quick Tip: Finding the Settings for Variables


    November 12th, 2013

    Michael Beall presents another AutoCAD tip. This month, he shows you the Express Tool for finding the settings for variables.
  • The AutoCAD Rainbow

    by Curt Moreno

    November 8th, 2013

    Long-time Autodesk software user and blogger Curt Moreno explores the various versions of AutoCAD.
  • The Power of Properties

    by Sam Lucido

    October 21st, 2013

    Sam Lucido steps you through the Properties Palette in AutoCAD.
  • Quick Tip: How to Export Your AutoCAD Settings

    by Michael Beall

    October 17th, 2013

    Michael Beall offers this tip for copying your AutoCAD settings from one computer to another.

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