2013 AUGI Top Ten Wish List Results

December 19th, 2013


  1. Carey Edwards - Help - AutoCAD Help needs more help
  2. Billy Wooten - Snaps - OSNAP for center of polygon
  3. Yair Yes - Drawing Tools - 2D Lock Drawing order of Specific Objects
  4. Donald Boyer - Modify - Modify a Cloud
  5. Jim Gerth - XREF - over-ride the over-rides
  6. Josh Crawford - Object Properties Manager - Don’t list XREF Layers when they can’t be selected
  7. Michael Shick - Dimensions - Text Wrap in Dimensions
  8. Ray Mendoza - Blocks - Visibility Parameter Enhancement
  9. Anita Nichols - MText - Set Format of Copied Text
  10. Jason Herringe - Other - Dynamic blocks in Multileaders

AutoCAD Architecture

  1. Kenneth Siegel - AEC Polygons - Polygon center
  2. Matthew Dougherty - Multi-View Blocks - Dynamic Array settings
  3. Nathan Ellery - Roofs - Update & Improve Roof Object Tool
  4. Nathan Ellery - Slabs - Improve Slabs
  5. A. K.  - Detail Components - Detail Component Manager acting like Properties Window or XREF Window
  6. Nathan Ellery - Doors - Improve Doors
  7. Melinda Heavrin - Spaces - Stretching Spaces
  8. Joe Perkins - Tools - Synchronized Tool Sets
  9. Melinda Heavrin - Walls - Walls under Style Manager/Display Properties
  10. Ron Filiatrault - Tools - Previous selection sets

AutoCAD Civil 3D

  1. James Lord - Feature Line - Dynamically link feature lines created via stepped offset.
  2. Chris Brenton - Pipe Network - I wish Civil3d pipes could lock inverts and slopes at points of interest.
  3. Steve Boon - Feature Line - Linetype Generation on Feature Lines
  4. Francesca Maier - Pipe Network - Connect pipes from different networks
  5. Mike Pryor - Profile Show intersecting profiles
  6. Jason Eggen - Profile Create Design Profile from a Polyline/Object within a Profile View.
  7. Fernando Ferreira - Corridor - Convert feature line to alignment/profile
  8. Sebastien Leonard - User Interface - Global STOP Function
  9. Kevin Mills - Other - Multiple VPORT Label Styles


  1. Jim Durkin -  Make Inventor Compatrible with Multicore Processors
  2. David Gaskill - Other - We need an escape key to cancel commands
  3. Rick Hageman - Assemblies - Positionally Constrain a Slot to a Hole
  4. Kendred Cooper More Detailed Error mesages
  5. Josh Hunt - Assemblies Assembly Insert Constraint and Lock Rotation
  6. Xavier VENISSE - Assemblies - Show the “other” source of constraint conflicts.
  7. Maarten Verbunt -  Migration of Settings to new Release
  8. Michael Eck - API - Multiple Solid Bodies in a Sheet Metal Part
  9. Pasi Annila - Sheet Metal - Have Flat Pattern extents as parameters to be used in ie. part lists.
  10. Pasi Annila - Assemblies - Quickly constraint parts together with origin planes

Navisworks Manage

  1. Jason Matthews - Clash Detective - Clash Detection Groupings
  2. Daron Denton - Clash Detective - Zone Based Clashing
  3. Zoran Markovski - Animations - Watermark
  4. Michael Smith - Clash Detective - Clash auto Groupings
  5. Brooks Williams - Clash Detective - Run clash tests only on visible areas when model is sectioned
  6. Joe Perkins - Find Items - Find Items Dialog too sensitive
  7. Joe Perkins - Selection Inspector - Selection Tree folders
  8. Colin Magner - Redlining - Multi-user reviews of Models
  9. Michael Smith - Navigation Tools - Shortcut keys
  10. Colin Magner- Redlining - We need a cheaper Navisworks redliner

Revit Achitecture

  1. Bret Thompson - Site tools Site tools
  2. Robert Manna - Stairs Better railing functionality
  3. Rick Bulic -  Object Snap Between Two Points
  4. Alex Campbell - Walls - I wish there was greater control and flexibility for wall joins.
  5. Hans Andrasko - Architectural Family Contents/Components - Family Browser Enhancement
  6. Thomas Chuffart - Other - More control on formatting the schedule and use of different colors of text…
  7. Rick Bulic - Walls - Sloping Walls
  8. Nick Baxter - Walls - Custom Wall Joins
  9. Scott Sellars - Other - Utilize Dual Monitor Setup Properly
  10. John Blasquez - Annotation Tools - Text Editor

Revit MEP

  1. Colin Magner - MEP Mechanical Systems - (Mechanical) - Tell us why our systems are not well connected
  2. Aaron Bulla - Annotation Tools - Add a footer/notes section to schedules
  3. Daniel Rodriguez - MEP Electrical Circuits - (Electrical) - Calculate Length Thru Pipe, Duct, Conduit, Cable Tray, etc.
  4. Nick Crane - Other - Connectors accross a linked model
  5. Colin Magner - MEP Spaces - (Mechanical) - Spaces to cope with vertically irregular spaces better
  6. Daniel Rodriguez - MEP Electrical Circuits - (Electrical) - Create coordinated single-line diagrams.
  7. Eric Kuszewski - Other - Plan Regions should apply to pipe, duct, pipe accessories, pipe fittings, conduit, etc
  8. Mitchell Voss - Other - Keep my Parameters in order
  9. Le Hien Huynh - Other - Duplicate sheets in order to reduce customizing time and increase consistency.
  10. Kevin McGlothlin - Other - Fix Pipe up and down single line symbology

Revit Structure

  1. Rebecca Frangipane Revision Cloud Sketch
  2. Shaun Peppers - Beams - Grade Beam Object Class
  3. Allen Wear - Structural members - Make joist extended ends visible on coarse view.
  4. Rick Blankenship - Structural Family Contents/Components - Pier and Grade Beams
  5. Arnout van Ijsseldijk - Annotation Tools - tag alignment, all angles possible not just horizontal or vertical
  6. David Keller - Walls - Wall layers properties can be defined as architectural or structural
  7. Evalucia 2000 - Annotation Tools - Keep override even if dimension change
  8. Richard Mitchell - Concrete Modeling (cast in place) - Add a System Pier Family
  9. Steve Saltsman - Annotation Tools - Tag the elevation
  10. Rebecca Galvan - Concrete Modeling (cast in place) - TOP OF FOOTING ELEVATION


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About the Author

Brian Andresen

Brian Andresen

Brian Andresen is the CEO of BIM Services Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, since 2013. With over 17 years of AEC industry experience, he excels in simplifying processes for end users, providing training, support, standardization, documentation, and customization for various BIM software. in 2013, Mr. Andresen was the first BIM Manager for The Jerde Partnership in Venice, CA where he was responsible for supporting the initial projects for the firm utilizing BIM. Along with creating standards, template files, library content, he continues to work as a consultant with the firm to complete the transition with ease. Before that he spent time with USCAD as a Senior Technical Specialist working with several clients providing the same support, mentor-ship, and leadership/direction as with Jerde. This same process has been applied for firms; Andresen Architecture Inc., and WLC Architects Inc. over the ten years before that. He is also currently the Inside Track Column Writer for AUGI, and the Director of AR for The ANT Group. He provides training with his official BIM University course-ware and has presented at multiple AU and RTC events, including the University of Southern California, local user groups, and various AEC firms.


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