AUGI Membership Privileges and Conditions

The privileges and conditions of Membership are described below. If you have any questions, please email AUGI at

1. Membership Benefits and Options

AUGI has three membership Levels; Basic, Student and Professional.  The benefits of each are defined on the Membership Levels page. 

Student and Professional memberships are paid memberships.  The Basic Membership is free.

Paid Memberships are effective for one year (12 months) beginning on the date enrollment, upgrade or renewal.

2. Upgrades, Renewal and Refund Policy

Upgrades for existing members are available.  Upgrading will provide the next level of benefits beginning immediately for all online access and within 4 to 6 weeks for offline benefits or publications.  Upgrades payments will be transacted at the time of upgrade.  The upgrade price will reflect a prorated discount based on the prior membership level.

Renewal of paid memberships is automated by default.   Renewal at the end of the paid membership period will be automatic unless auto-renewal is turned off.  All Members must validate their demographic and location data annually on their membership anniversary date. Automatic Renewal will happen on the annivesary date of membership if applicable.

AUGI paid memberships are non refundable.  Cancelation with refund is not available. Members who are dissatisfied may cancel their Membership at any time but benefits will continue until the renewal date.  Upon non-paid-renewal, paid member’s privileges will expire on the renewal date and be reduced to Basic Membership. 

Downgrading from a higher level of membership to a lower one will happen upon the renewal date.  Current membership priviledges prior to downgrade request will continue until that date.  Renewal will take place on the annivesary date at the downgraded level requested.

3. Purchasing Membership

AUGI accepts debit cards as well as Visa®, MasterCard® Card, American Express® credit cards - all online. AUGI reserves the right to refuse access to anyone at any time, even paid members based on membership guidelines. At time of enrollment, Member assumes membership privileges and bears risk of loss of access.

4. Non-transferability and Cancellation of Membership

AUGI Memberships are to be used only by the individuals to whom they are issued. AUGI reserves the right to require valid identification for Membership enrollments and changes. AUGI reserves the right to deny Membership to any applicant and terminate Membership at its discretion based on membership guidelines. Membership is subject to all rules adopted by AUGI and membership guidelines may be amended from time to time without notice to or consent of existing Member.

5. Membership Conduct

In order to preserve the membership rights and privileges of individual AUGI members, AUGI requires all members to abide by the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy as well as the Forum Guidelines.  Misconduct may result in limitations of access or termination of Membership.

6. Opt-out Policy

If a member chooses, they may opt out of any AUGI promotional communication at any time by any of the methods described in AUGI’s Privacy Policy. They may still periodically receive communications from AUGI related to membership.

7. Privacy Policy

AUGI respects the right to privacy and our documented Privacy Policy details our practices and policies. We are the sole owner of collected information and we will not sell, share or rent this information in ways other than disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Please read the AUGI’s Privacy Policy in its entirety online.