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Offset text line/Best fit/Move Text No Leader (Dynamic Block)

It seems that I posted the wrong dwg., I apologize for the confusion here is the correct dwg. showing the desired results.

Posted: by mbrandt5

2015 Profilé circulaire Surprise

Cool merci beaucoup .... Par contre une dernière question , je suis en train de faire mes détail d'assemblage ( Composant de détail ) ...ces détail n'apparait pas en 3D pourquoi ....?

Posted: by kamel357

2015 réglage de la plage de vue + poutres apparentes sur un plan alors qu'elles ne devraient pas

je pense que c'est dans ta famille imbriquée "poutre" qu'il faut régler le problème. Modifie sa plage de vue pour qu'elle n'apparaisse pas en plan mais juste en FP.

Posted: by waltermonloubou

2015 Comportement incohérent des ombres en plan

Avant d'avoir en vectoriel faudrait simplement quel fonctionne :mrgreen:


2015 REVIT return desired z coordinates in schedule

I hope some of you have used the Excitech tools before. It is a tool for coordinate scheduling. I have realised that the current EXCITECH tool obtain the Z coordinate of an element from the highest point of the element. If I want to have the excitech to return the Z coordinate from the lowest...

Posted: by yantho.lim693949

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AUGI HotNews - March 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


AUGIWorld March 2015 Issue Released!

When it comes to using Autodesk software, there are a couple of certainties. One is that you will not use the software in its out-of-the-box state for very long. The other is that you will, over time, learn an impressive...


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Add to Point Group (and other associative functions)

Ever wish you could just right click a point and have an option “Add to Point Group…” that opens up a fly-out with a list of point groups you could add it to? This could happen for numerous other prospector functions to lighten the load…


Keynotes colour scheme

When we want to locate a repeating detail or solution, before explaining it in a detailed view, it’s useful to have a general plan showing how many times it’s applied on the building, and where are them.  We use to call it…


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