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Thread: AB122-3: "This is So Not in the Book" About Revit® Architecture

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    Default AB122-3: "This is So Not in the Book" About Revit® Architecture

    Instructor: Donnia Tabor-Hanson

    Class Description: After teaching Revit Architecture for a number of years, I have found that no matter which instructional materials I use, things always seem to be left out. I find myself saying “This is SO not in the book” so often that I am putting all of these topics that I can into this class. The class will be for those who have been working with Revit Architecture for some time. Customization of views, family tips, reusing project information, and family creation will be covered. Topics on BIM management procedures that should be used daily will be presented. You will see some great tips on making your template get with it and really scream.
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