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Macro Repeats Last Command

What can cause the last command to repeat? {Enter} or in a macro, space or semicolon. My guess is that sometimes the space in 'Previous plot' is getting executed as a {Enter}. Try enclosing 'Previous plot' in double quotes. ^c^c-plot;n;Model;"Previous plot";00_THQ_Xerox6279.pc3;N;N;Y

Posted: by Ed Jobe

Get Layout Name of Blocks?

Code: --------- ; error: bad DXF group: (1) --------- I don't even see where you're referencing any DXF codes... Still works though. Nevermind, another part of my code (referencing the PAGE_NO atrtribute) was causing that. Great work, Tharwat, thanks for your help :)

Posted: by stusic


---Quote (Originally by oscarpearson701587)--- I get a message from autocad indicating that I need the DWG viewer to open the file. ---End Quote--- The only time I've seen that error is when trying to open files going the wrong direction. I.E. 2013 file trying to open in 2012.

Posted: by Coloradomrg

2015 Property Sets

Hello Everyone, My task is to Produce Parts that contain specific properties. Our customer provided us with this Property set which we must incorporate in every part ( see the picture). Since we work only in Inventor and Autocad, are those property sets only applicable in Autocad Architecture...

Posted: by arminm1988414598

2015 Masking in a nested family

Hi Rob/Dimitri, We've run into this as well. The masking regions in nested Generic Annotations or Detail Items were only effective for masking architectural linked elements (in our case drywall ceiling patterns) when the view discipline was set to either "Architectural" or "Coordination". I...

Posted: by Eddy B

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AUGI HotNews - May 2015

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AUGIWorld May 2015 Issue Released!

Now that the new Autodesk software releases are rolled out, it's time to implement. For those who have done their homework and prepared for the implementation, it should be a relatively smooth process. If you are among those who haven't...


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Flat patern orientation on drawing should NOT change while modifieng part.

Flat patern orientation on drawing should NOT change while modifieng part. Now the orientation changes (view rotates) with no logic. All measures are somehow corrupted after rotation (need modifing). This is very simple to reproduce… Create sheet metal part like u-section. Make some holes to…


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