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Welcome to the Revit Community Forums! If you are visiting for the first time we hope you like what you see. If so we encourage you to JOIN and participate!! We think you'll enjoy it!

If you have an idea for our community please share it with us. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and constructive criticism to improve our community. You can email me (see the email address at the top of this page), James, or any of our moderators anytime you like.

Question: Why do my posts get moved sometimes? Answer: Because the subject of your post really belongs in a different sub-forum. Example: You ask for a door family in Revit General and your thread is moved to Revit Architecture Families. Don't be "moved" to place your post in a forum because you think it will get read by more members in one forum versus another. The truth is our members read nearly all new posts and you'll get a reply, I guarantee it!!

As usual we still have some long term confusion about the Tips & Tricks forum, better lately though. We routinely have posts looking for a tip or trick instead of offering them. So just to restate our intentions, Tips & Tricks is for sharing them not asking for them. Revit General is the place for such questions. Does that help?

We appreciate your continued attention to good post titles and posting in the right forum. A great many posts have titles that are too generic. There are also too many threads that are started in forums that are better served in another.

Post titles help each of us search for threads more easily. Posts that are in the wrong forum means that moderators have to move them. That's not a problem since that's what we LIVE for! However, posts that are in the wrong forum means that overall the forums become a little schizophrenic, harder to find helpful posts and less predictable.

We thank you each for the little extra attention required. We've still got your back when it does happen, but every little bit helps. Thanks!

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Keep Rrrreviting,

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