This page lists the AUGI Forums that are focused on AutoCAD Civil 3D.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - General
AutoCAD Civil 3D general info and questions.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Alignments
Wacky active Alignment problems, get your answers here!

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Corridors
Corridor confusion straightened out here!

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Grading
Start from the ground up! Grading and Grading Object questions.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Parcels
Parcels and Plats and Maps oh my!

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Pipes
Understanding underground utility runs.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Profiles
Productive Profile procedures.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Sections
Where'd you get that Section? That doesn't look anything like what I designed.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Surfaces
Smart Surfaces need smart users, free troubleshooting.

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Survey
Where's the transit?

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