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Word is starting to get about the the Gallery being back in business, and posting is starting to pick up.

I'm going to suspend the "Pic of the Month" concept until we start getting a larger number of monthly posts. Make sure to spread the word that the Gallery is back in business and ready for showcasing your talent, and as always, click the link on the left to see our member showcase.

Please remember, the AutoCAD Gallery Forum is intended as a showcase. To get answers to your technical questions, please search the other, technical, forums before posting your question. You may find that your question was already asked by one of your fellow AUGI members.

For consideration here, you should actually post your images, and not a link to another web site. The preferred format will be JPG.

To add an image to your post, you may want to check out the Forum FAQ "What Are Attachments?".

Also, when posting your images in the Gallery Forum, please let us know how you completed your image. Also, it would be great to share your experiences on creating your images and models.

AutoCAD Gallery Manager
~Frank Mayfield

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AutoCAD Gallery

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