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As an attendee at AU, not only will you rub shoulders with Autodesk staff, great speakers, and fellow attendees, but you will also come across hundreds of fellow AUGI members. As such AUGI works to make sure that all AU attendees are as fully informed as possible leading up to the event and then actually during the event by way of bulletins and other AUGI specialized events.

Whether you are attending AU or working through the week from the office, you can follow along with events at AU using cool Web 2.0 technology.

Follow AUGIatAU on twitter

AUGIatAU is the way to follow what is happening at AU as it happens.

What is AUGIatAU? - AUGIatAU is service provided by AUGI powered by twitter to help you find out what is going on in the AUGI world at Autodesk University as it happens. You will be directly connected to events, goings on, and updates as they happen. It is the way to find out where AUGI is while attending AU. Those of you at home, can stay in touch with the AUGI at AU experience as it happens. It is almost like being there!


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