September 2013

How do you measure up?

Virtually everyone wants to know where they stand, salary-wise, in comparison with others in their industry. In the 12th Annual AUGI Salary Survey, you'll get the "number," and a whole lot more. Salary Survey Manager Melanie Perry, working with data gathered from the 1,600+ AUGI members who took the annual survey this year, serves up a nice variety of comparisons.

For example, the survey shows how people found their current jobs, how many work overtime, how many are thinking of quitting (and why) - it even ranks the "most boring" jobs. And then, yes, there's the salary data: salary by industry, years of experience, education level, and more. And there's a little forecasting, too-who's using BIM and how many use the cloud? It's all here in the 12th Annual AUGI Salary Survey!



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Also in the September 2013 AUGIWorld...

Quality Content with Max Plug-Ins – Brian Chapman discusses a trio of 3ds Max plug-ins that deliver quality content in a flash.

Collaboration: Making Views for Others to Use – Tim Kivisto explores ways to adjust graphics and visibility overrides in Revit Structure so that collaborators have a meaningful view.

The Power of Properties – Sam Lucido introduces (or reintroduces) readers to the functionality of the Properties palette in AutoCAD. This month's AutoCAD "how to" article from Michael Beall shows you how to export AutoCAD settings.

Standardize for Success! – Brian Andresen with a simple directive: standardize the workflow. He shows you how.

Hope for the Slope – Mitchell Voss provides instruction on dealing with sloped ceilings in Autodesk Revit.

The Content Conundrum (Making Revit Drawings Pretty) – Aaron Maller explains how, by organizing, managing, and controlling the use of content, Revit users can produce attractive results.

Also in this issue...

Become a Navis Director/Producer – Mark Hunter with steps for producing animated walkthroughs in Navisworks.

Utilizing Materials for Rendering – Melinda Heavrin discusses, in detail, the use of Materials in AutoCAD Architecture software.

A Solid, Mid-Level Performer – John Evans reviews the Lenovo E31 SFF ThinkStation.

Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius with three products from Autodesk-related developers. This month: software for vehicle modeling, site and parking layout; a system for rendering, modeling, effects, and animation; and a tool to export architectural models for Internet-based viewing.


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