October 2013

Autodesk software, with a personal twist

For most Autodesk product users, out-of-the-box software ceases to exist soon after installation. These users get right to work, tweaking their product, adding on - in a word, customizing - until the software looks and behaves exactly as the users want it.

The October 2013 issue of AUGIWorld offers some excellent advice for customizing Autodesk software. Curt Moreno reveals all the colors of "The AutoCAD Rainbow" as he discusses the various AutoCAD vertical products.



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Also in the October 2013 AUGIWorld...

In "3ds Max Essentials: Customizing the UI," author Chris Murray introduces the product's enhanced UI and explores how it can be customized to meet your every need. Author Tench Tilghman helps AutoCAD Civil 3D users avoid some missteps in his article "Customize Correctly." There is much more in this issue - check it out.

Efficiency with Renovation Mode - Melinda Heavrin, AutoCAD Architecture specialist, shows you how to produce clear construction drawings every time with Renovation Mode.

10 App Exchange Reviews – With increased productivity the goal, John Evans trials and reports on 10 apps for Inventor available from the Autodesk Inventor Exchange store.Also in this issue...

Myth Buster: Revit & IFC, Part 3 - Wrapping up his IFC series, Martijn de Riet gets into the pros and cons in the form of a "Why versus Why Not IFC?" discussion.

BIM Is What's Driving the Industry – Author Vladimir Triantafillidis takes an objective look at BIM, its acceptance in the industry today, and its potential.

Streamlining Sheet Lists with a Custom Application – Jonathan Albert explores X-Sheets, an add-in for incorporating sheets from an AutoCAD sheet set into a Revit sheet list.

Transition Roadmap – Todd Shackelford presents a path for those transitioning to Revit MEP.

Also in this issue...

String Theory – Melanie Perry with highlights from the AUGI Forums. This month, great questions and answers for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, LISP, and more.

Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius presents recent developments from Autodesk and related developers. In this issue, you’ll discover a set productivity tools for Revit, BIM integration software, and AutoCAD 360 2.1.


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