December 2013

AUGIWorld Authors Take a Deep Dive

As this year draws to a close, many of you are likely reflecting on your accomplishments in the past year and wondering, as people often do, what you might have missed with regard to your knowledge of the Autodesk products you use or emerging trends in your industry. Perhaps there’s a different strategy you might have employed or an opportunity to change things up that you didn’t consider. In these waning days of 2013, AUGIWorld authors have turned a gimlet eye on various products, industry sectors, and trends, and you’ll benefit from their scrutiny.

If you’re curious about pricing trends, for example, Brian Benton navigates the different types of software licenses available in his article “Pricing Trends in the CAD Industry.” Melinda Heavrin provides “Tips & Tricks for AutoCAD Architecture.” These helpful hints are always a great way to ensure you’re making the most of your software. And because a study of a job well done is always a beneficial lesson, you’ll enjoy “A BIM Coordination Case Study” by Brenton Wiberg. And there’s a lot more to learn before 2014 arrives.



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Also in the December 2013 AUGIWorld...

Challenging Revit – Shaun Farrell provides food for thought when it comes to BIM. There are a lot of new ideas to consider here.

Think Quality Control – Something as simple as how you organize views in a Revit Structure project can make all the difference, according to author Philip Russo.

Relationships and Joints – John Evans explores the purpose and function of Joints in Inventor, and predicts the future with regard to assembly Relationships.

Interview with the Artist – Prepare to be entertained as Brian Chapman interviews José Alves da Silva, a talented 3d character artist.

When in Doubt, Steal It – Andra Marquardt explains why ‘stealing’ the GIS standards of others isn’t a crime, and it’s crucial.

Speak Up! – Christopher Fugitt urges you to speak your mind about functionality that is still needed in AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Lookup Tables: A Formula for Success – Kelli Lubeley explores the vital role that  lookup tables for pipe and conduit fittings plays in Revit MEP.

Also in this Issue:

A Scripting Scenario – Reysteve Garcia describes what his firm did to write scripts to automate redundant and tedious tasks for the BIM designer that could be read by AutoCAD.

Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius presents three new products. This month, software to simulate vehicle turns, a product that permits users to import data from Excel to Revit, and an AutoCAD add-on that lets users add a note to a dimension object.


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