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Linked file.... could not be located

Have you tried the "Create Instance" Method? I haven't seen that error yet, but I'd love to see an image of the warning if possible. I'm wondering if the instance was deleted, moved in the directory, renamed, or corrupt. Just some thoughts. Can you open the link with no issues? Have you run an...

Posted: by david_peterson

Stacked fractions in block attributes

---Quote (Originally by tsundin675164)--- Yes but that only supports multiple lines of text, it does not support stacked factions like true "Mtext" does. ---End Quote--- Attribute definitions act like single line text unless the attribute has the multiline option turned on. Single line text...

Posted: by Opie

2016 Code With "-EXPORTTOAUTOCAD" For Multiple Files?

Hello folks, I just discovered the "-EXPORTTOAUTOCAD" function in AutoCAD, from Autodesk team. I have started using it and happy about it. The previous issue was the errors I most times get when I open a file. Most times, it will be the "2 Errors . . . " or other errors, and mostly due to...

Posted: by omorah

National Park Service project, Revit and their Cad Standards

---Quote (Originally by MikeJarosz)--- BTW: you used the term "symbology", a term associated with Microstation. Are you using more than one program? ---End Quote--- I've never used Microstation, and I use "symbology" all the time when talking about Revit content. Just recently I was showing a...

Posted: by jsteinhauer

Xref Hierarchical view with display options.

with just a few Xref's there's really little need to get beyond what's available. Your situation is definitely different enough that a complex solution could help, and rare enough that a custom routine is probably your only hope of getting something.

Posted: by cadtag

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AUGIWorld September 2015 Issue Released!

AUGI’s annual dive into the salaries, benefits, workload, job satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc. of its members is the highlight of the September 2015 issue of AUGIWorld. The 14th Annual AUGI Salary Survey provides a unique take on the information provided by AUGI...


Attend AU2015 and become an AUGI Premier Member Free!

Are you planning on attending AU2015 in Las Vegas this year? AUGI is rewarding the first 150 AUGI members who register with a free one year AUGI Premier Membership. Earlier this summer AUGI President Bob Bell discussed AUGI support for...


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A new system family for modular cladding systems

Design professionals are developing these missing cladding systems with the available software tools and whilst some results can be achieved, these aren’t as functional as if you were designing with a system family. This is leading to greater inconsistency, lack of features, modelling size,…


Xref Hierarchical view with display options.

I am a heavy Xref user with a hundred or more Xrefs being managed daily. Unfortunately there are no quick view labels or symbols that let you know if an attached Xref is ON or OFF. Though you can select the hierarchical view in the…


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