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Future Phase

You are correct. Revit can't see into the future to represent a phase it can only look into the past.

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias

2014 Lack of a Variable Array Workaround

Libbyapa, Thank you. I took a quick look at it and yes this is what I was trying to achieve. Now I just have to do a little reverse engineering to figure out how you achieved this, just for my own knowledge. Thanks again, Kyle

Posted: by kROSEMAN

2015 Can you change layout annotation scale off "1:1"?

Yea... But I want 12:12 (1'-0" = 1'-0") to be the default when creating new layouts and I want 1:1 (1:1) gone. If I adopt 1:1 (1'-0"=1'-0") as my default that would work, and only my page setups show the 1:1 scale... which I guess is fine. I guess my users will have to deal with it.

Posted: by ccaron

2014 added object data fields to polyline, but area is empty

Ok, I understand what you are saying. I did the copy and paste for all of my polylines not from shape files (Thanks!) Now all of the polylines now have an area in the object data field for area. My next issue involves labeling the area of these polylines. I used an older blog post from Murph...

Posted: by tntdraftsol

2015 Alignment Station Coordinates

I want to get coordinates of stations along an alignment in latitude/longitude. An incremental stationing report is exactly what I need, but it is giving me the northing and eastings. Is there a setting that I can change to get those in lat/long?

Posted: by mattab222

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AUGIWorld June 2015 Issue Released!

There's no need to sell AUGI members on the power of Autodesk software. That said, there are areas within the products that could use a little extra efficiency or functionality that makes the base software a better fit for a...


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Lengthen the Color Drop-down Menu

When additional colors are used in a drawing, AutoCAD adds them to the color drop-down list.  However, the drop-down is designed to only display about 10 colors at a time, requiring you to use the slider bar in order to reach all of the colors…


Stop controlling visibility of elements by view discipline

The way that Revit controls visibility of elements by view discipline causes problems with view templates and family creation, as any MEP view will only show things like generic models and specialy equipment half-toned.  Another thing that is frustrating is not having MEP hidden…


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