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2015 Converting a text parameter to a Number parameter

This may be more trouble than re-entering the data if you have never used Dynamo before, but you may be able to add new new numeric parameters and then use Dynamo to read in the text values, convert them to numeric values and push the numeric values into the newly added numeric parameters.

Posted: by dkoch

2015 Renaming of Copied Frame Generator Parts

The names of those folders shown in your screenshot, Relationships, Representations and Origin, are hard-coded and cannot be renamed, unless you want to access the API. Why do you need to rename them? Are there other folders not listed or are you referring to something else here, not an actual...

Posted: by Bunny

2013 Making changes across multiple drawings

Have a look at Autodesk app exchange, look for an app call block Matrix. It will set your attributes up in a table form making it easy to change all or some of the attributes. The program will also updates attributes in multiple file at the same time, with out having to open the drawing. I use it...

Posted: by peet

St Petersburg, FL - Revit Users Group?

Posted: by Ed Jobe

2015 Solid Filled Regions in Families and Phasing

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to override the properties of a filled region in Revit. The fire extinguisher on the left is in an earlier phase than the right one and the solid fill has become transparent, which looks ugly and doesn't stand out when plotted.

Posted: by Evan Dodds

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AUGI HotNews - March 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


AUGIWorld March 2015 Issue Released!

When it comes to using Autodesk software, there are a couple of certainties. One is that you will not use the software in its out-of-the-box state for very long. The other is that you will, over time, learn an impressive...


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Customizeable Spacebar Rotation Increment

It would be great if there were an option to change the increment of rotation via spacebar when placing objects to intervals other than 90 degrees.


Better Printing Functionality

Revit changes paper placement when changing zoom setting.  Similarly, it resets to create separate files when changing print range for .pdf printing.  Couldn’t these radio buttons remain where they are when making these changes?  PErhaps the user could set the default…


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